I must admit that I hadn’t heard of Scattered Hamlet until we got sent their new album “Swamp Rebel Machine” by our friends at New Ocean Media. The press release reference to “honky tonk metal” left me uncertain what to expect. However, a brief skip through the tracks was enough to convince me to give it a more in-depth listen and the more that I listened to it the more that I liked it! The album was released via Buck Moon Productions on 4th November and I played the track “Whip-Poor-Will” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 18th  November.


My last album recommendation was for the new album by Rossington – that lies at one end of the “Southern Rock” spectrum. At the other end we’ll find bands like Scattered Hamlet where the Southern Rock is laced with that heavy rock or metal influence rather than blues or country.

Scattered Hamlet released their debut album “Skeleton Dixie” in 2013 and have toured widely, supporting some great bands and playing some great festivals such as Rocklahoma and SXSW. The band features Adam Joad on vocals, harmonica and guitar; Jake Delling Le Bas on drums, Richard Erwin on bass and Adam Newell on lead guitar.

There are 11 tracks on the album and they’re all worth checking out. My favourite tracks would be “Battle Hymn”, “Whip-Poor-Will”, “Stonewall Jackson”, “White Trash” and the almost 8 minute long epic “The Lesson”. The latter reminds me a lot of Texas Hippie Coalition (a band that Scattered Hamelt has supported on tour).


Check out the band’s website, which includes all the usual social media links etc - http://www.scatteredhamlet.com/

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