“Para Dice” is the third album from Finnish artist Jessica Wolff and it was released by Metalapolis Records on 19th June. Wolff is also an actress and stunt woman, but released her first album back in 2013. I played the track “Ella’s Song” from the new album on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 12th June followed by “Perfect Kind of Wrong” on 3rd July.


Wolff’s first album “Renegade” seems to have had only a limited release in Finland and Japan in 2013 - through Hyena Records and King Records respectively. The second album, “Grounded”, was initially released in late 2015, but was then reissued in 2017 when she signed with Metalapolis Records. Several tracks from that album have featured on the NI Rocks Shows.


The latest album has more of a band vibe than the previous release, probably as a result of touring in support of the “Grounded” album. Supporting Jessica are guitarists Ari Manninen and Sebastian Lindqvist, bass player Taneli Tulkki and drummer Jarno Vanhanen. The album was produced by Jonas Olsson.


Check out the Jessica Wolff Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/jessicawolffofficial

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