“We Are The Night” is the third album from Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall and it was released on 12th June by Frontiers Music. Magnus Karlsson is a prolific musician, song-writer and producer who is part of bands such as Primal Fear, Starbreaker and The Ferrymen. He was my guest on the Friday NI Rocks Show last October when the second album by The Ferrymen was released - http://www.rockradioni.co.uk/interviews/3674-ni-rocks-interview-with-magnus-karlsson.html . Free Fall is essentially Karlsson’s solo project where he collaborates with various great singers on each album. So far I’ve featured four tracks from the latest album on the Friday NI Rocks Show.


The first self-titled Free Fall album was released by Frontiers in 2013 and featured singers such as Russell Allen, Ralf Scheepers and Tony Harnell. The second album “Kingdom of Rock” was released in 2015 and featured more singers such as Jorn Lande, Tony Martin and Joe Lynn Turner in addition to some who had performed on the first release. When I spoke to Karlsson in October he revealed that he had just finished recording his solos for the third album and that the new album would feature some new guest singers.

“We Are The Night” sees the return of a couple of vocalists from previous albums; namely Tony Martin on the tracks “Temples and Towers” and “Far From Over” and Mike Andersson on “All The Way to the Stars”. However, the album also features some great new talent. Dino Jelusick from Animal Drive and Dirty Shirley sings on the tracks “Hold Your Fire” and “Under the Black Star”; Renan Zonta from Electric Mob performs on “Kingdom Falls” and “Dreams and Scars”, Ronnie Romero from Rainbow, The Ferrymen etc sings on “One by One” and Noora Louhimo from Battle Beast is the singer on “Queen of Fire”.

Magnus Karlsson performs lead vocals on the tracks “We Are The Night” and “Don’t Walk Away”, whilst “On My Way Back to Earth” is an instrumental. Karlsson also handles all the guitars, bass and keyboards on the album, whilst Anders Köllerfors plays all the drums.

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