The word “prolific” springs to mind when thinking what to write about Absolva – as well as all the usual musical superlatives of course! Absolva become the first band to score three NI Rocks album recommendations since I started posting these back in mid-2012. The band’s third studio album “Never A Good Day to Die” is released through Rocksector Records on 12th October and once again they deliver an excellent mix of great vocals, frequent heavy riffs and occasional softer moments. It certainly rates a recommendation along with the previous albums “Anthems to The Dead” (May 2014) and “Flames of Justice” (Nov 2012). There was also another recommendation for Chris Appleton’s solo album “Restless” earlier this year!



“Never A Good Day To Die” sees the return of Luke Appleton on guitar for all of the tracks. Luke is a member of American band Iced Earth and he had only appeared as a guest on one track on the previous album in 2014. So while Iced Earth weren’t recording or touring he jumped back into working with brother Chris in Absolva – both in the studio and on tour. Both of course were previously in the band Fury UK. Chris Appleton provides the lead vocals and plays lead guitar and when not in Absolva he releases solo albums, plays in Blaze Bayley’s band etc. That word at the start was “prolific”; maybe it should be “workaholic”, but whatever, clearly both enjoy doing what they’re doing.


The other members of Absolva are Martin McNee on drums and Karl Schramm on bass. Both are also members of Blaze Bayley’s backing band.


Videos have been released for “No One Escapes” and the title track “Never A Good Day To Die”; both of which have featured on the Friday NI Rocks Show. The album also includes a version of “No Tomorrow”, which is a great track from Chris’s solo album.


Chris was a guest on the Friday NI Rocks Show back in January – you can read the interview online or listen to it and some tracks from his solo album on the MixCloud page -


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