On September 25th All About Eve’s self-titled debut album and the follow up "Scarlet and Other Stories" are released in expanded versions by Universal Music Catalogue.

Formed in the mid 80’s, All About Eve, fronted by Juliane Regan, released a series of successful independent singles leading to the band being signed by Phonogram. “All About Eve” was recorded in the summer of 1987, the album was produced by Paul Samwell-Smith (Cat Stevens, Jethro Tull) with sessions beginning at Surrey’s Ridge Farm before moving on to Richard Branson’s Manor Studios in rural Oxfordshire.

The first single to be released was a re-recording of live favourite ‘In The Clouds’ which entered the UK chart at No.47 in October. 1988 kicked off with a further single, ‘Wild Hearted Woman’ (UK Chart position No.33), followed by the eponymous titled album’s debut into the Top Ten. A subsequent headlining tour of the UK took up the rest of the year and included sold out shows at London’s Hammersmith Odeon and The Royal Albert Hall.

Three further singles went on to be released from the album, Every Angel (UK Chart No.30), the classic Martha’s Harbour (UK No.10) and What Kind of Fool (UK Chart No.29). The album would go on to sell 250,000 in the UK alone.

This double CD collection covers the original album, which originally reached No.7 in the UK album chart, all the 12” singles, B sides and extended mixes from the singles ‘Our Summer’ to ‘What Kind of Fool’.


Original Album

01 Flowers In Our Hair

02        Gypsy Dance

03        In The Clouds

04        Martha's Harbour

05        Every Angel

06        Shelter From The Rain

07        She Moves Through The Fair

08        Wild Hearted Woman

09        Never Promise (Anyone Forever)

10        What Kind Of Fool

11        In The Meadow

The 12”  Singles

12        Our Summer (Extended)

13        Flowers In Our Hair (Re Mix)

14        In The Clouds (Extended Version)

15        Wild Hearted Woman (Extended Version)

16        Every Angel (Extended Version)

17        What Kind Of Fool (Autumn Rhapsody)


Singles & B-Sides

01        Our Summer

02        Lady Moonlight

03        Shelter From The Rain

04        Flowers In Our Hair (Single Version)

05        Paradise

06        Devil Woman

07        Calling Your Name

08        Appletree Man

09        Like Emily

10        What Kind of Fool (Reprise)

11        Every Angel (Single Version)

12        Wild Flowers

13        Candy Tree

14        More Than This Hour

15        Another Door

16        In The Meadow (Live)

17        Never Promise (Anyone Forever) (Live)

18        What Kind of Fool (Single Version)

19        Gold And Silver

20        The Garden Of Jane Delawney


Originally released in 1989 "Scarlet and Other Stories" reached No 9 in the UK album charts and spawned three Top 40 singles.

This collection covers the original album along with extended remixes, B-sides, the Wayne Hussey session from 1990, two previously unreleased acoustic BBC radio sessions plus a host of Live recordings from Glastonbury and headline shows in 1989.

CD 1

Original Album

01        Road To Your Soul

02        The Dreamer

03        Gold And Silver

04        Scarlet

05        December

06        Blind Lemon Sam

07        More Than The Blues

08        Tuesday's Child

09        The Empty Dancehall

10        Only One Reason

11        The Pearl Fishermen

Singles & B sides

12        Road To Your Soul (Extended)

13        Pieces of Our Heart

14        Hard Spaniard

15        December (Narnia Mix)

16        Drowning

17        The Witch's Promise

18        Paradise ('89 Remix)


01        (Theft) If I Had You.

02        A Different Sky

03        The Dreamer

04        Our Summer (Live at Hammersmith '89)

05        Candy Tree (Live at Hammersmith '89)

06        Tuesday's Child (Live at Hammersmith '89)

07        In The Clouds (Live In Glasgow)

08        Never Promise (Live In Glasgow)

09        Scarlet (Live In Glasgow)

10        More Than The Blues (Live In Glasgow)

11        Road To Your Soul (Live In Glasgow)

12        She Moves Through The Fair (Live In Glasgow)

13        The Pearl Fisherman (Sat Sequence 14/9/89)

14        Blind Lemon Sam (Sat Sequence 14/9/89)

15        Empty Dancehall (Richard Skinner 1/10/89)

16        December (Richard Skinner 1/10/89)

17        The Pearl Fisherman (Richard Skinner 1/10/89)

18        Only One Reason (Live At Glastonbury 16.6.89)

Both albums are available for £7.99 at https://store.universalmusic.com/udiscover/*/*/All-About-Eve/4T310000000