House of Lords recently released their 11th studio album “Saint of the Lost Souls” through Frontiers Records. I spoke to guitarist Jimi Bell via Skype on 5th April to chat about the new album, House of Lords, Maxx Explosion, guitars, his influences and more. You can hear that interview along with 4 tracks from the new House of Lords album and a Maxx Explosion track on the Friday NI Rocks Show this week. That Show has been uploaded to the On Demand Player and is also available as a podcast on iTunes -


(Photo by Gail Corrow)


The interview will be transcribed and posted here at a later date.

There was a recommendation for the new album posted on the Rock Radio NI website -


I posted an interview with House of Lords lead singer James Christian back in 2014 -

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Playlist for Friday NI Rocks Show

SCREAMING EAGLES – Screaming Eagles

HOUSE OF LORDS – Harlequin

Interview with JIMI BELL Part 1(11 minutes)

HOUSE OF LORDS – Saint of the Lost Souls

Interview with JIMI BELL Part 2 (9.5 minutes)

HOUSE OF LORDS - Concussion

Interview with JIMI BELL Part 3(8.5 minutes)

HOUSE OF LORDS – The Other Option


THE QUIREBOYS – Killing Time


DEEP PURPLE - Stormbringer



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