In May I posted a recommendation for the debut album by a band from England called One Last Run. As I didn’t know that much about the band, but thought the album was really good, I decided to contact Rage PR (who had sent us the album to check out) to get One Last Run to answer a few questions and find out more about the band. Lead singer Becky Roberts answered the questions for us and these are posted below. The guys in the band are Jack Pennington (Guitar), Rob Leach (Guitar), Chris Smith (Bass) and Dan Brown (Drums). One Last Run completed a short tour in the UK mainland at the end of May and play the Wildfire Festival in Glasgow this weekend (24th – 26th June).



NI ROCKS – Hi guys, thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions for Rock Radio NI. We recently received your new album “Unbreakable” via the guys at Rage PR and I have to say I really liked it. Where was it recorded and who did you work with?

BECKYWe recorded the album at Innersound Studios in York. We got our self-titled EP mixed and mastered there, when we got it back we made the decision straight away that we wanted to create the album there. We worked with Mike Kingswood (Glamour of the Kill, Axewound) in some of the writing process and the recording process. We then got Joe Graves, also from Innersound, to Mix and Master the album. It was an amazing experience, they’re extremely knowledgeable individuals and absolutely lovely - which is always good.
Mike actually features as a guest vocalist on the last track of the album "Given Up".


NI ROCKS – The album follows on from the release of a self-titled EP in 2014. Do you think your sound has developed or changed in the intervening period?

BECKY – I think our sound has definitely developed through the experience we gained at Innersound. I personally learnt so much from the lads regarding song structure and lyric writing. I know the other guys in the band learnt a lot in their recording process as well. Understanding what is needed in the songs to create music that we’re truly proud of.

NI ROCKS – I had picked “Unbreakable”, “Casanova”, “Reckless” and “All You Need to Know” as my own personal favourites on the new album. Do you have your own favourite track to perform live?

BECKY - My favourite to play live would have to be ‘Creatures Of The Night’, it always gets an amazing response from the crowd and it’s a fun song to play.
My favourite song on the album isRun and Hide’.



NI ROCKS – Going back to the start of the band. You only came together in 2013. How did the band get started?

BECKYThe boys were all in different bands which ended around the same time for a number or reasons. Rob, Jack and Dan started jamming. Chris joined a little later when the band he was previously in ended. He then suggested myself to become the vocalist. I went to a practise  and we ended up writing ‘Close My Eyes’ and ‘Bring On The Pain’. So I solidified my place within the band!

NI ROCKS – Who were your musical influences when you were putting the band together and was there a specific sound you wanted to deliver?

BECKY – As individual musicians we all have different tastes in music as well as having bands that we all have gained some form of influence from. Those bands are the likes of Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Shinedown etc. We all have a love for the traditional American style hard rock. We just make music as naturally as possible, which is why there’s the hard rock feel with other added bits as well.

NI ROCKS – When and where was your first proper gig?

BECKY – Our first gig as One Last Run was in Skelmersdale at a venue called The Engine Rooms. There were quite a few people there, but it was mainly family members and friends.

NI ROCKS – I believe you’ve done everything so far without being signed to a label. Are you looking for a label to work with going forward?

BECKY We’re always open to label and management help as long as they’re the right ones for us.


NI ROCKS – Some reviews have likened the band to high profile names such as Alterbridge, Halestorm and Shinedown. That’s good company to be keeping. How does that make you feel?

BECKYGetting comparisons to such successful bands, that we also listen to as fans is incredible, it makes me very proud.

NI ROCKS – I noticed you recently supported the Butcher Babies in Swansea. What would your own personal musical highlights be so far?

BECKY – We did indeed, it was a great show. Both Butcher Babies and Sumo Cyco killed it with their performances. For me that is the highlight so far, as well as creating the album with Mike and Joe in the studio.

NI ROCKS – What plans does the band have for the remainder of 2016?

BECKY – We’re going to be making some festival appearances across the UK and we’re in the process of organising another tour for later in the year.

NI ROCKS – A few general questions to finish off.

What bands are you listening to yourselves at the moment? And what was the last album you bought or downloaded?

BECKY – We are all loving Don Broco’s new album “Automatic”. I recently went on a CD splurge and purchased : “That’s The Spirit” by BMTH; “Venom” by BFMV; “Hate Me” by Escape The Fate and “Silence in the Snow” by Trivium. All amazing albums that you should all have in your collection – be that digitally or physically.

NI ROCKS – What was the first gig you went to and the last (other than your own)

BECKYThe first gig I ever went to was Paramore with You Me At Six supporting, at the Liverpool echo arena. The latest one was an Australian band called Hands Like Houses at Manchester Academy again you should go check them out they’re ridiculously good.

NI ROCKS – Thanks very much for taking the time to answer our questions. Good luck with the new album and best wishes for the future.


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