Guitarist Alessandro Ciloni and bass player Alba Nasoni became my first Italian guests on the Friday NI Rocks Show recently. Their band Tequila For Breakfast play the annual “Blazefest” charity fundraiser in The Empire, Belfast on 19th March and I arranged to speak to Alba and Alessandro via Skype on 22nd February. This interview was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show which was broadcast on 26th February. That Show is now available on our MixCloud page.




My other guest on that Show is Tommy Rockit, lead singer from Stone Trigger who headline Blazefest VI.

The interview has been transcribed and posted below.

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NI ROCKS – Hi, thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions for Rock Radio NI. I guess the first thing is to tell us a little about the band. Who is in the band, when did you form and what other bands have you been involved in?

ALBA The band originally formed in 2011 – that was the first line-up. Me and Alessandro are the only original members. After that we had many line-up changes. Now we have me on bass guitar and also singing, Alessandro on the electric guitar, Giacomo (Traquandi) is the singer and also rhythm guitar player and Jacopo (Bucciantini) is the drummer. That’s the current line-up.

NI ROCKS – Were you in other bands before?

ALBA – Jacopo plays in 8 different bands actually, even now. He had two bands before he started with us. We started to play together but we didn’t have any previous bands before. He was the only one.

NI ROCKS – Where did the name Tequila for Breakfast come from?

ALESSANDRO – We were in a pub with our former rhythm guitar player and I think he was quite drunk (laughs). He disappeared for about ten minutes and then came back and said I’ve a name for the band – Tequila For Breakfast or Jack For Breakfast. Well Jack For Breakfast sucked but Tequila For Breakfast sounded better and that’s where it comes from.

NI ROCKS -  Ok, it’s a good name. So how did a band from Italy find itself playing Blazefest in Belfast on 19th March? What was the connection there?

ALBA – Actually, we wanted to have a little tour in Ireland but it was pretty difficult to get gigs and in the end we couldn’t do it because our singer can’t get a vacation anytime he wants from work and we couldn’t actually do a proper tour. So we decided we could play for only one night, but also come on vacation, the three of us. Giacomo will come on the Saturday; so he will be awake non stop for 24 hours. It’ll be crazy but we can do it.

NI ROCKS – Is there a Northern Ireland connection? Have any of you been here before?

ALBA – Yeah, we’ve been to Belfast two times actually. First time, when we went to a Heaven’s Basement gig, which was where we met Andy (Price) our dear friend. We met him last year too when we spent a day around Belfast. Andy told us about this festival and said hey why don’t you do it? We said we’d try and in the end we are actually playing there! Kinda a dream for us.

NI ROCKS – I read somewhere that you might be recording a documentary about the gig in Belfast?

ALBA – Yes, we were thinking of filming our travels; our journey to Belfast and film the show. Something pretty simple, but effective at the same time.

NI ROCKS – You’ve just posted new versions of some demos on your Reverbnation page. One of those is “A Song For Phil” which we’re going to play now. Tell us the story behind that track.

ALBA – That song is my story. I went to Phil Lynott’s resting place for the first time in 2011; five years ago already. I was kinda shocked when I saw the grave. It was St Patrick’s Day actually and everyone was partying all day and I felt weird because I didn’t want to party. I sat down late at night and thought I have to write a song, and it came out. Then I came back to Italy and I told the band that I had written a song and that was actually the very first song that was written for Tequila For Breakfast. So it’s a special song for us.

NI ROCKS – I believe Philomena Lynott had some encouraging words for the band when she heard about the song?

ALBA – Yeah, we come every year to Ireland and pay a visit to her every year in March. She listened to the song and was very happy and that was the best gift that she could ever give me.


NI ROCKS – You’ve also recorded a cover of the Thin Lizzy track “Hollywood” – why that track?

ALESSANDRO -  We had to record two or three tracks and we decided to pick “Hollywood” because in my opinion it was the best song for our style and how we play. I like that song because it has that punkish style in the guitar playing and that’s I personally chose that one.

ALBA – Yeah, it was our common choice actually. We were all on the same line and we had fun playing the song. We played it live for the first time last October and people were so happy. We couldn’t believe it and thought Ok this can work! We’re thinking actually of putting it on our first EP that will eventually come out, maybe, at the end of the summer.

NI ROCKS – What bands influenced you to get into rock music initially and are those influences what inspire the song writing within Tequila For Breakfast?

ALBA – Actually we all have very different styles. Me, Alessandro and Giacomo are very glamster – weird stuff from the 80s, but also Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd. Alessandro is a big fan of Alterbridge. The different one is the drummer Jacopo, who is very into progressive stuff. He’s a big fan of Primus. We all have different styles but in some way it always matches together in a very good way.

NI ROCKS – As we mentioned there are tracks on Reverbnation and you talked about putting an EP out at some stage. Will there be a physical cd or download release sometime soon?

ALBA – Yeah, we are planning on printing a demo to bring to Belfast. We’re thinking of making a gift copy as it’s nothing serious. We are waiting for the EP. Then we’re thinking an EP is half an album and can’t wait to do the album either.


NI ROCKS – Have you got a label? Are you looking for a label or are you going to do it on your own.

ALBA – We don’t have a proper label but we have someone sponsoring us. We’re working with a very famous producer in Italy. He is the bass player in an Italian band who are very famous; but only here (laughs). We’re looking for something else. We sing in English so we’d like to jump outside Italy because it doesn’t offer that much opportunity and we’d like to play abroad.

NI ROCKS – Your English is very good I have to say.

ALBA – Thank you very much.

NI ROCKS – Besides Blazefest what else has the band got planned for the next few months?

ALBA – We’re planning to shoot a video. Our first official video which we will starting making I think in three or four weeks maybe. Right after we come home from Ireland, we’re playing with an English band here in Italy. We’re doing a little tour which will last for a few dates. It’s not that much but it’ll be an exchange tour, so after that we go to the UK. So we’ll try and build our fanbase there.

NI ROCKS – Later this summer then for that?

ALBA – I think later. The summer for us will be busy because we’ll be in the studio probably, recording the EP. So maybe we’ll wait until after that.


NI ROCKS – I always like to find out what other people are listening to. What bands might we find on your phone or iPod and what was the last album you bought?

ALBA – The last album I bought was actually the deluxe edition of the Heaven’s Basement album “Filthy Empire”.

ALESSANDRO – Mine was the Tom Keifer album – Tom Keifer from Cinderella.

NI ROCKS – Yeah, I have that. It’s a very good album.

ALBA – We saw him live. He’s like an idol for us. He’s so great and so charming.

NI ROCKS – I’d love to see him play live. I interviewed him about 2 or 3 years ago and he was really nice to talk to.

ALBA – He was very kind. He stood there signing autographs and stuff for about an hour and a half – for fans after the show. We would like to be that kind of musician.

NI ROCKS - Any other Italian rock bands that you’d suggest we check out?

ALBA – Tough question. I’m not a fan of Italian music, but I appreciate the work our producer does with his band. He has a different opinion (laughs).

ALESSANDRO – Yeah, of course our producer’s band is great. We couldn’t say anything else probably! (laughs).

NI ROCKS – What is the name of his band?

ALESSANDRO – Litfiba. I personally really like his ex band which is called Negrita, named for the Rolling Stones song “Hey Negrita”. I personally also really like PFM, who I think are the only Italian band to play in Madison Square Garden.

ALBA – I think you might know Lacuna Coil. They’re Italian. It’s weird, they’re very famous in USA and all over Europe, but don’t get as many fans here in Italy. They get people because they have a female singer – that’s the main reason maybe (laughs). We saw them live and they weren’t that great.

NI ROCKS – That’s all the questions that I have. We’ll finish with another track from the band. Which one would you like to play and tell us a little about it.

ALBA – We played “A Song for Phil”, so “Rockabeer” maybe. That was the second song that we wrote for the band and it’s a party song. The one you listen to before you go out on a Saturday night. Its party and rock ‘n’ roll and beer! (laughs). We love beer very much; besides Tequila! It’s the kind of song that says you can really drink tequila for breakfast! You can do whatever you want. Listen to music, play music, just have fun in your life.

NI ROCKS – Sounds about right to me!

ALBA – It’s a very important message; especially for young people! We’re all very young, the oldest of us is 25, so we’re all party guys here!

NI ROCKS – Thanks again for taking the time to talk to Rock Radio NI. Good luck and hopefully we’ll see you in Belfast on the 19th March.

ALBA – Thank-you, it was a pleasure, really.




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