I posted a recommendation for Faithsedge’s latest album “The Answer of Insanity” back in August, just before its release through Scarlet Records on 1st September.  This is the second release from the band that features Giancarlo Floridia on vocals, Fabrizio Grossi on bass, Alex De Rosso on guitar and Tony Morra on drums. Giancarlo was good enough to answer a few questions for us and tell us more about the band and the new album.

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NI ROCKS Giancarlo, thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions for Rock Radio NI. Faithsedge have just released their second album “The Answer of Insanity”. How would you compare it to your previous album?

GIANCARLO - Hey Thanks! I would say right off the bat my lyrics and vocal performances are stronger and more real. I was safer on the first album because I really just wanted to put out a good melodic rock album. Now the future of what I do will be more like this - no more playing it safe in terms of lyrics or vocals. I do still love the first album though, I am just more myself now on this album.

NI ROCKS – How important was it for you to have the same guys who recorded the first album playing on “The Answer of Insanity” this time?

GIANCARLO –We get along with everyone great and everyone is easy to work with and they can all kick ass in what they do. They are also all my friends so it's cool to just talk to them about normal everyday life type of things. I'm the "new" guy still in a way to the scene so I can also ask them for advice which is awesome!! I have a great deal of respect for them as friends and musicians.

NI ROCKS – There are also a couple of new names on keyboards that people might recognize?

GIANCARLO - Yes! Eric Ragno who has been my friend for a while now and I am a big fan of his work. Fabrizio Grossi was already friends with him and worked with him on albums and we met and we have been friends since he did a great job on the record and we brought him over to the dark side of playing!! haha !! And of course Alessandro Del Vecchio on keys also - he will be producing the next album and taking over for Fabrizio and I am a big fan of his work also. He dug the first album and now we are working together I am a big fan of his too. I am almost done writing the 3rd album and I will go to Italy mid next year to Alessandro's to record and we have a few new tricks up our sleeves that we will announce early next year! :)

NI ROCKS – I imagine all the band members have pretty hectic schedules. How difficult was it getting everyone back together?

GIANCARLO - Everyone is cool. On a good note all these guys have studios at their own places so it makes it much much easier! I am the only one who doesn't!! haha !! I have pro tools and just do all my demos / songs on that and we take it from that point on. But yea everyone’s pretty busy which is great!

NI ROCKS – Would there be a typical writing process for the tracks on the album? Was there one or two key people writing the tracks or was there a wider input?

GIANCARLO – Well I want to start off by saying without disrespecting anyone in the band that some critics think they know what Faithsedge is all about and who plays or writes what and sometimes they are wrong. I did co-write a few tunes on this record, one with one of my friends and another with Alex De Rosso and then I always work together with Fabrizio Grossi. But what I do is write a song and submit it over to Fabrizio Grossi and he will go over it with me and refine it. On this album however Fabrizio and Alex both wrote the music for 2 tunes and I wrote the lyrics. On the 3rd album I am working on my own with no co writers and I am almost done, I think everyone is really going to dig it! So yes I am the primary songwriter.

NI ROCKS – Does the band get much opportunity to play gigs together and are there plans for touring or playing in the near future?

GIANCARLO - I am not sure, I would like to play in different places in Europe and I would also like to lock in a good Japan deal for the next record. But it depends. Right now I am focused on wrapping up this 3rd album and getting it out by the very end of next year. Then also starting to work on the 4th.

NI ROCKS – The four band members have worked with many big names in the music industry. Did recording sessions ever turn into story telling sessions and if so who has the best stories to tell?

GIANCARLO – Hahahahahaa !!! Wow !! UUmmm you know we all have some crazy stories. I think I may have the worst of the bunch but Fabrizio by far has the funniest ones. And these are not just like rock star stories; being a producer and doing all sorts of other things in that area. Things that he has seen that he really makes light of that will make you cry it's so funny. I think the way he handles the business is great, when people do stupid stuff he really turns it into something funny as hell. But yes hands down Fabrizio Grossi has the best stories!!

NI ROCKS – Who were your influences as a singer / songwriter?

GIANCARLO - I am really into different styles as a singer and as a guitar player. They almost are really on different ends, so in a way it's how I get the certain sound I have been told I have . As a singer I am strongly into vocals that do not use over production and tricks that are used too often today, so I look to old Motown for my inspiration. The Temptations is my favorite vocals ever and I also love Rob Halford, Bryan Adams, Ricard Marx and of course Queens vocals. I like singers with very distinct tones. As far as guitar goes I’m very into Megadeth, Anthrax, and also love old Queensryche and Progressive metal.

NI ROCKS – If you had the opportunity to front any band from the past forty years what band would it be and why?

GIANCARLO - Well without dissing anyone or being rude I would love to try out for Skid Row if they didn't have their current singer. I think we would be a good match. I just felt Skid Row was one of the best bands and would love to audition for them if that ever would happen. I can only hope!! ahahahahahaha

NI ROCKS – There are a few questions that I always like to ask those I’m interviewing. Firstly can you remember the first album you bought and first gig that you went to?

GIANCARLO - Well I had a few albums in the 80's when I was a kid but the two that come to my mind is Terence Trent Darby's “Introducing the Hardline” record and of course George Michael’s “Faith” album. The vocals on those albums were great and of course the songs!!! I was fortunate to be a kid growing up in the 80's - cool music was coming out all the time! 1st concert I saw was Aerosmith and Jackyl in Los Angeles - was a cool show!

NI ROCKS – If we were to check out your iPod or phone what five artists might we find if we hit ‘shuffle’?

GIANCARLO - The Temptations, Hardline, X japan, Megadeth, Smokey Robinson.  Nice mix huh??

NI ROCKS – Are there any other bands that you’ve heard recently that you’d recommend that we check out?

GIANCARLO - I would say follow what is going on in Europe. I live here in the States and in Europe they really love this music! Two that stand out to me out of the new guys to me are H.E.A.T. and Outloud - they are both melodic and I think heading in the right direction!!

NI ROCKS – Have you any other projects that you’re involved with at the minute or is Faithsedge your total focus currently?

GIANCARLO - I have a lot of work to do with Faithsedge and it's my main focus to get this going at full speed it's a good time I think cause I am hoping we will stand out in the scene. I am looking to bring back when rock was exciting and had hooks and melody! So I am really focused on taking this to the next level with a 3rd and 4th album.

NI ROCKS – What would you hope to have achieved with Faithsedge over the next 12 months or so and when do you think we’ll see album number 3?

GIANCARLO - Alessandro and I will start tracking these new songs in late January. I have 8 out of the 10 songs done and I will wrap it up by Christmas So if I go to Italy mid next year everyone should hear it hopefully next Christmas! I'm very excited - it's a blend of the fire of this new album with the hooks of the first! I am very very excited!

NI ROCKS – Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for Rock Radio NI. Best of luck with the new album.

GIANCARLO - Thanks, you guys are awesome !!

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