Liv Jagrell, the former front-woman for Swedish band Sister Sin released her first solo album, entitled “Follow Me”, through Despotz Records on 28th April. The album comes just 18 months after the demise of Sister Sin at the end of 2015. Three tracks were released prior to the album being available and I played all these on the NI Rocks Shows – “Let Me Out” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 20th January, “Killing Ourselves to Live” on the NI Rocks A-Z Show on 14th March and “Immortal Sin” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 21st April. An interview with Liv was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show uploaded on 3rd May along with 4 tracks from the album -




Liv Sin delivers a brand of heavy rock / metal that appeals to me. Liv’s vocals are heavy and fierce rather than screamy and she has surrounded herself with some great musicians. I was rather disappointed to hear about the demise of Sister Sin, but the emergence of Liv Sin has certainly made up for that news. In truth, I had only really started listening to Sister Sin when the album “Black Lotus” was released in late 2014 and I liked what I heard – posting an album recommendation and am interview with guitarist Jimmy Hiltula -

Liv Sin will be playing a number of festivals and touring later in the year and some work has already commenced on writing for a second album. Joining Liv in the band are Patrick Ankemark on lead guitar, Chris Bertzell on guitar, Per Bjelovuk on drums and Tommie Winther on bass. The latter joined the band after the recording of the album.

There are 11 tracks on the album and some guest vocals from Schmier from the band Destruction on “Killing Ourselves to Live” and Jyrki 69 from The 69 Eyes on the track “Immortal Sin”. Liv picked the tracks “The Fall”, “Hypocrite” and “The Beast” inside to play during her interview. In addition to the three singles, I really like the tracks “Black Souls” and “Emperor of Chaos”.


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