“The Last Hero” is the fifth album from Alter Bridge and it is released by Napalm Records on 7th October. I don’t imagine that Alter Bridge really need an album recommendation from me to boost their sales, but I’ve always said that these posts were an acknowledgement of the great music that we received at the station. On that basis leaving Alter Bridge out would be criminal; as “The Last Hero” is an absolutely fantastic album. Over the past few weeks I’ve played the singles “Show Me A Leader” and “My Champion” on the Friday NI Rocks Show. Both tracks also feature during an interview with singer Myles Kennedy provided courtesy of AC promotions which we broadcast on the Show on 7th October.


Given the success that the band has enjoyed since forming in 2004, I doubt that there could be too many people reading this who don’t know who Alter Bridge are. In addition to Myles Kennedy on vocals and guitar, there is lead guitarist Mark Tremonti, bass-player Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips on drums. All, with the exception of Kennedy had  been in Creed together and formed Alter Bridge when they parted ways with Scott Stapp. They brought in Myles Kennedy on vocals and in recent years he has also been providing vocals for Slash. Mark Tremonti also has his own solo project, simply called Tremonti and they played in Belfast earlier this year.

“Fortress”, the fourth album from Alter Bridge was hugely successful when it was released in 2013 and the band were determined to go even further with their next release. Written and recorded in early 2016 when Kennedy and Tremonti had finished off their respective tours, the album features 13 highly impressive tracks.

Check out the Alter Bridge website for all the social media links, news, tour dates etc - https://www.alterbridge.com/ . The band play 8 shows in the UK during November and December, but unfortunately none in Belfast or Dublin.

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