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Sweet Jonnys Rock Show


Well what a year 2010 has been on the local scene.

It has completely surpassed anything in my memory including the heydays of the mid to late 90’s.

Local albums, gigs new venues aplenty, and of course the launch of the essential RRNI!

In true Channel 4 style (well it is New Years Eve) here are my highlights and Lowlights.
First the highs

Album releases from Trucker Diablo and Double-Wide

My song of the year: Violent Revolution by Spiral Force (seriously, try and get it out of your head)

A Little Bitter: The best band in the country by a, well, country mile! An honour to see these guys live and a bigger honour to share the stage with them!

Black Freeway: True future superstars and Glenn Gray!

Gig of the year: Stormzone in Dublin. (fridge of beer helped swing this one) Also learnt never to trust Freeway in a chinese.

Personal highlight: Releasing our debut album, causing a ruckus on Metal Ireland and being the biggest band in China (to come out of Richhill)

Oh and a mention to all the promoters especially Hels, Alan and our own Phil for all their good work.

Em, not a lot (really should have thought this through)

Gig attendances can be disappointing in relation to the massive pool of talent this country has to offer. I feel that 2011 can turn this round as the professionally organised and managed nights will come to the fore and once again pack em in.

Facebook. A necessary evil, but seriously they should have a filter to exclude all the mentally unfit users whose dirty laundry just has to be aired in public.

So thanks for listening and I’ll see ya in 2011 for even bigger and better things.

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