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Davys Den

The Guvnor (a.k.a. Phil ) asked me to write a brief view of 2010 even though I'm the new old kid on the block !!! So view on 2010 from a music persepsctive?? Album wise there's been some excellent releases...Alter Bridge, Hinder, Crazy Lixx, Crash Diet, Maiden, Ratt, BLS, Pretty Maids...could go on for a bit!!Locally...Trucker Diablo's album is the stand out for me but that's not taking anything away from releases by many of the other great bands currently around our scene (can't ever remember us having so many good bands!!). Gig wise, once again seems to be improving....with  the arena shows (two nights of Metallica!!!) and trips to Dublin for Kiss and Maiden....we've seen Wasp, FM, Winger, Y&T, Slash, Diamond Head, Glenn Hughes,Danny Vaughn, etc. Highlight for me?? Possibly Y&T but can't think of a gig that I haven't enjoyed.

As for local bands...well the gigs keep coming fast and furious!!  With the usual stalwarts of the scene (Distortion Project & The Diamond) keeping the gigs flowing, we’ve also seen SONI take a foothold and our very own Presidente starting the RRNI’s monthly nights, giving a variety of live shows around the country.  Also the Paradise City rock nights and now Bad Medicine at Ma Nelson’s (along with their regular High Voltage night) provide an alternative to watching live bands.

On the down side of the year musically, the passing of Ronnie James Dio has got to be talking point for me.  Tremendous vocalist who’s voice will be sorely missed on the stage but with a vast catalogue of albums will not be forgotten.

I think 2010 was a great year as far as the music scene goes, been spoilt for choice with gigs, local bands flourishing, rock clubs return and  personally,  a return to promoting for myself  with the Danny Vaughn gig. 2011? Well already many shows in the pipeline, plans afoot for the clubs, and a radio station to help push these events....and also give me a chance to inflict my taste of music upon people out there!!


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