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Balattys Podcast 2010.

Me, hosting a podcast that literally a few people listen to.....Who'd've thought that?
Because of that I've started to listen to music again.

I'd become the very thing I despise, a member of the "everything new is rubbish" brigade!
I now realise that only a lot of what is new is rubbish!

The good stuff.........

"The Devil Rythym" by Trucker Diablo. Love it. To see them live in 2011 is a priority!!

Last Known Addiction. Saw them live twice this year. Fantastic!

Bandwagon, Jaded Sun, Million$Reload, Crave and god knows how many more.......Irish Rock is in safe hands!!

Further afield, Cherry Suede, Heaven The Axe, to mention a couple, and the old guard still going strong, Springsteens "The Promise" (old stuff, but from his best era!!), Magnum have a new album out in January, Robert Plant can still deliver.........

I got to interview Cherry Suede, Cormac Neeson, Pat McManus and Eamon Nancarrow (more a half cut shouting match in the street, that one!!!)....Gentlemen one and all!!

We lost, amongst others, Ronnie James Dio, Solomon Burke, Captain Beefheart.......RIP

Here's to next year..........

Finally, big shout to Phil Black, without him etc etc etc (don't want you blushing Phil!)


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