Another local entry for the Marshall Ultimate Band Contest from the excellent A Little Bitter , this competition is getting some great entries from Northern Ireland and it's great to see the A Little Bitter guys put  the video for one of the best local rock songs of the year "Ghengis".

This song is Epic , i've been lucky enough to have seen it live several times and it gets the crowd going nuts , the album it's from "New Dawn Evolution" is a must have and this song is one of many greats on it .

A Little Bitter are currently doing their "2 Hour Tour" , to give you and idea of what this sounds like get yourself over to our Live Sessions player which has a recording from one of Helz Bellz gigs down in Bangor earlier in the year at the following address and give them a listen!

Give these guys a vote and watch the video for Ghengis at the following address


Just a reminder that you can vote all the local bands ten and your not limted to vote for one band a quick reminder of the links to the other two local bands in the competition are below

Last Known Addiction - Dirt & The Dust

Inch High - Little Man


As it currently stands Last Known Addiction are the 3rd most watched video , A Little Bitter 5th and Inch High 6th.

In the votes standings (10 vote minimum so Inch High need your vote!) Inch High are 3rd and A Little Bitter are 5th .

Get yourselves over and vote once vote often ,use work email addresses or your secret email address that you get your porn sent to to send multiple votes!  We want a local band to win this one come on folks 3 great bands and they are sitting in a great position and with your help one of the above mentioned bands *WILL* win.

Last Updated (Monday, 11 October 2010 22:22)