Inch High another great local band and friend of RRNI have entered the Marshall Ultimate Band Contest , for those who have missed the buzz on this it is a competition for unsigned bands to show off a video with a chance to win a endorsement from Marshall Amplification as well as getting a track on the cover of Classic Rock Magazine

We at Rock Radio NI support all local bands in this competition and Inch High who have supported us and played at our most recent RRNI Live @ The Pavilion which was held for Macmillan Cancer support . They have entered in the Video for "Little Man" a cracking track of their latest album .

You are not limited to vote for one band so as we said with Last Known Addiction's entry support these guys and take the time to give them a quick vote on the following web site

If you are already registered it's very simple and if not it's a quick process to get registed , no excuses get on there and give the video a vote!.


Last Updated (Monday, 11 October 2010 22:25)