Back in December, on the eve of Winterfest at The Diamond Rock Club, perhaps the pinnacle of local gigs for the year featuring local rock bands Northern Ireland has, I spoke to two of the bands involved

You can hear my interview with Tom Harte singer/guitarist with Trucker Diablo, who released many peoples favourite album of last year The Devil Rhythm, and you can hear the history of the band, how the guys behind Tilted and Joyrider joined forces, thoughts on the album post release and what 2011 has in store for the band.

I also interviewd Ryan Hood, drummer of Winterfest Headliners, Last Known Addiction. Ryan discussed the development of the band and its rise over the course of 2010, personnel changes, how the recording process for their soon to be released debut album is going and what 2011 holds for them.


Listen to these interviews and more at our live sessions player at the following link


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