Swedish band Crazy Lixx released their sixth studio album, “Forever Wild”, through Frontiers Music on 17th May. I’d recorded an interview with lead singer Danny Rexon back in 2014 just ahead of the release of their fourth album, but was keen for another chat to discuss the excellent new album and find out more about what Crazy Lixx had been doing over the last five years. I spoke to Danny via Skype on 22nd May and you’ll find that interview, along with four tracks from the new album (and one from their re-issued debut album) on the Friday NI Rocks Show for 24th May; which is available on our MixCloud page - https://www.mixcloud.com/NIRocks/interview-with-danny-rexon-from-crazy-lixx-on-the-friday-ni-rocks-show-24th-may-2019/





The interview will be transcribed and posted here later.


Playlist for the Show –

BLACK STAR RIDERS – Another State of Grace

TRUCKER DIABLO – Other Side of the City



CRAZY LIXX – Silent Thunder

Interview with DANNY REXON from Crazy Lixx Pt1 (10 min)

CRAZY LIXX – Break Out

Interview with DANNY REXON from Crazy Lixx Pt2 (9 min)


Interview with DANNY REXON from Crazy Lixx Pt3 (10 min)



MASS – Back to the Music

GASOLINE OUTLAWS – Fight for One More Day


KISS – Domino

CINDERELLA – The Last Mile

WARLOCK – Metal Tango


SOTO – HyperMania


FIRELAND – Dragon Slayer

HELL FIRE – On The Loose

BLOODY HAMMERS – From Beyond The Grave

THE ANSWER - Preachin

The 2014 interview with Danny can be found here - http://www.rockradioni.co.uk/interviews/1700-ni-rocks-interview-with-danny-rexon-from-crazy-lixx.html

Crazy Lixx Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/crazylixx/


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NI ROCKS – Hi Danny, thanks for taking some time to talk to Rock Radio NI.

Last week Crazy Lixx released their new album “Forever Wild”, which we’ll talk about in more detail shortly. I just played the track “Silent Thunder” which the band released a video for recently. What can you tell us about that track?

DANNY – It was the first track that we wrote for the album actually and I think it kinda set the tone for the rest of the album. It’s quite an uplifting song with a major key chorus, which is not very typical for us.

NI ROCKS – There’s always been an 80’s vibe to the band’s music and “Forever Wild” is no exception, but “Silent Thunder” is probably one of the most distinctly 80’s sounding tracks. Was that intentional?

DANNY – Yeah, very much. We invented this, made-up action movie called ‘Silent Thunder’ and we set out to make an album that was supposed to be like a soundtrack for that made-up movie. “Silent Thunder” was the first song that we wrote for that. So it was very intentional and we always had this 80’s action movie in mind when we thought about what kind of songs we needed for the albums.

NI ROCKS -   You were involved again in the production of the new album. Who else did you work with for the recording and production?

DANNY – The production side is mostly me and we use our own studio, or several studios actually. For the mixing we had once again Chris Laney, who mixed the last album and a couple of albums back actually. So we’ve been working with him for some time. On the production side, we leave finished recordings for him to polish up the mixing. I also joined him in the final stages of the mixing and we did some of the final details together on site; where I travelled to him in Stockholm and we sat down together. We also had for the first time an external song writer on the album; which is a new thing for us. One of the songs, “Terminal Velocity” was co-written with a guy called Michael Palace, who is also on Frontiers Records. Then I’ve used, as usual, a bunch of backing vocal singers, both male and female. They’re from all over the world – we’ve a guy from Australia and a couple from the US and from Europe. Those were all done via sending files on the internet. The wonders of modern technology! We never actually met them; we didn’t do a studio job with them, but they’re on the album.

NI ROCKS – Is production something you’ve been involved in beyond Crazy Lixx; or something you’d like to get more involved in?

DANNY – Well, I’ve just recently found this new calling and with this album, this is the first time that I’m quite happy with the result of doing it like this. I still don’t feel up to doing the entire production along with the mixing. At some point I like to turn it over to someone who can give it a new perspective. By the time I give it to Chris Laney I have heard the songs hundreds of times and it is nice to get a new set of ears to fix it up. And of course mastering is also done by someone else after that. But, I would definitely like to get into that more and if there was a cool project to work with, another band or something, then I would definitely be up for trying that. I have actually thought about some side projects of my own as well; aside from Crazy Lixx, but I won’t give you any details now, I want to keep it a secret still. But I’d definitely consider production jobs outside of Crazy Lixx.

NI ROCKS – I might be wrong, but as far as I’m aware, this will be the first time that the same band line-up has worked on two onsecutive studio albums? Has that helped in terms of song writing and recording?

DANNY – For each and every album release that we’ve done, as you say, we’ve had to make line up changes for different reasons; and also other things have changed, we’ve been forced to record in other studios and usually the gear is different and we’ve also had not the same team when it came to engineering and producing. This is the first time that we’ve had the same line-up and basically the same studios and all the people involved were more or less the same. So we had this bit of momentum going into this recording that we hadn’t felt before and I think that helped a lot because you didn’t have to start from square one. You could look at what we did with “Ruff Justice” and improve on certain things and that made it a whole lot easier. I think the result is a reflection of that; it shows that we’ve taken what we had and tried to make it even better than last time.

NI ROCKS – Yeah, it’s a fantastic album; I really love it. In terms of song-writing has the band developed a formula that you follow each time, or do tracks come together differently?

DANNY – Well, we usually start quite early when we have a deadline. Like now it was for the spring of 2019; that’s what we got basically from Frontiers. Then we start roughly eighteenth months before – we starting thinking about the concept of the album, looking at material we already have, because a lot of songs get left out of an album, but aren’t necessarily bad songs. We look at some old stuff we have, then we start to assemble these pieces. At the start of a process like that, most of the songs come quite organically I would say. You just let it take some time and when you have an idea you start to work around that. Sometimes you throw it all away and sometimes it gets built into something that is actually good enough for the album. But, at the end of the process you usually have....that’s been the case at least for these two albums....you usually have a couple of slots left that you want to fill with specific types of songs. By that time maybe the deadline is looming closer; so you have a sit down and maybe crunch those last songs. Oftentimes, I don’t think there is a difference in quality between those two ways of doing it, and I don’t think the listener can tell which songs were written in what way. Usually when you crunch these things it takes more intensive work and maybe you throw more stuff out the window before you actually get what you want. But that was the case with this album as well. Two or three of the songs were written during the recording of the other one (“Ruff Justice”). We don’t usually write all the songs and then record everything and then mix it. We try to mix the process together so that there is writing and recording going on all at once.

NI ROCKS – Was there track that took longer for you to get the way that you wanted it to be?

DANNY – When we recorded, one of the songs that took a while was “Eagle” and I think that was because the sound was just a bit different than what we usually did. Neither of the guitar players were used to this kind of playing because it’s a lot of single note stuff rather than the riff guitars that we would usually have in our songs. Also, it needed a lot of keyboards and effects to get that kind of feeling that I needed for the song. That was probably the one that took most of the time. And for me also, vocally, when I sang the ballad “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”, that was quite a challenge for me to get the right expression in that, because you can sing a song from beginning to end, but you just don’t get that emotion that you want. So that one, I actually re-did quite a few times over a few days before I was happy with the results. So I would say those two.

NI ROCKS – We’ll play another track from “Forever Wild” now. Can you pick a track and tell us something about it?

DANNY – Well, maybe “Break Out” would be fitting as that was the second single that we released, back in February I think. It’s a very straight forward Crazy Lixx type anthem and it’s basically about you sometimes needing to break out of the routine of daily life and to try to do something different. I think that’s a good reminder for everyone to try that at times.

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Parts 2 and 3 to follow.


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