Back in December, on the eve of Winterfest at The Diamond Rock Club, perhaps the pinnacle of local gigs for the year featuring local rock bands Northern Ireland has, I spoke to two of the bands involved

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As any of my friends or anyone who listens to my shows on Rock Radio NI will know I’m a big Tesla fan so I was delighted when Dave Rude from the band agreed to answer a few questions. I’ve also been following the Dave Rude Band for about three years and have found Dave to be a real down to earth kinda guy on the various social networking sites. Check out the DRB tracks – musically different from Tesla, but well worth a listen.... and a few quid! (Nigel)


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We are pleased to announce that we will be continuing RRNI live although in a new venue and a new format , we still will be showcasing the best in local rock only at an earlier time and in a great new venue more suited (and flexible ) , we are aware there is a lot on so we are at least not limited to the 4th Saturday of the month! we have also introduced the rate to £4.


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WHILE I am ranting away (see previous posts...) would the various groups of Christian right wingers from all arts and parts please leave me alone. While there have been a few on the comments to posts (which I have not deleted because unlike them I believe in free speech), there have been more than a few nasty emails.

From what theology

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EITHER I am one seriously messed up, split personality - or some people just don't get the ethos of those who love hard rock and heavy metal.

[Cautionary note: a rant follows - those who want to enjoy easier reading step away now and read Kerrang! Cosmo or Women's Weekly.]

Earlier today I was talking to a colleague

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It is with profound sadness we report the death of Phil Kennemore from Y&T ,he died January 7, 2011 at 1am at Stanford Hospital. Bravely and steadfastly battling the horrible spectacle of lung cancer, at the end he was surrounded by his family members, and the Y&T family.


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From Blabbermouth

Vocalist Jeff Keith and guitarist Frank Hannon of California rockers TESLA have been working in the studio recording some tracks for the "acoustic"-style album that the band has been planning to release for the 20th anniversary of its multi-platinum "Five Man Acoustic Jam" LP. There is no tentative title for the new release yet, but expect to hear some never-before-released versions of TESLA classics such as "Changes", "Paradise", as well as some recordings of studio versions from the 2004 acoustic tour. Also featured will be a brand new song called "2nd Street", and the infamous "Better Off Without You" recorded acoustically.

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What a way to start the year indeed! The Annual vibe for Philo was held down in a sold out Vicar Street in Dublin.  This was the 25th anniversary of not only the vibe, but the death of one of the greatest musicians that ever lived, Phil Lynott.

With hanging round the hotel room, the many Guineys and the Paul Stanley impressions (thanks

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TONIGHT the annual Vibe for Philo takes place in Dublin to remember the life, works and talent of Phil Lynott. At the same time it has been confirmed that there will be an exhibition on Phil's work to be held in Dublin in March.

Looking through some

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Well this is it, the first gig of the year and it is a real keeper!
A show that is on annually down in Dublin in tribute to one of the greatest musicians that ever lived, PHIL LYNOTT

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Well I have had one great year in the lines of music photography.  I was kept busy with going to so many gigs, but it has all been worth it!  Not only did I get to work at many gigs but I also achieved 3 distinctions in the National Diploma art & design course and got into the Higher National Diploma course in Lurgan.

I just want to

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