Just thought I would do this for a laugh!
There was a band I worked alot with over the past couple of years, they were probably the local scene’s biggest act, BANDWAGON.  What started off as a 4 piece then went on to a 3 peice, the boys really made it in the local scene with their Rory Gallagher & Thin Lizzy

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You can now embed a Rock Radio NI Player directly onto your website/blog by cutting and pasting the code below into your html code where you want it.

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Midnight Transmission

23rd June 2011

Authors: Marc Leach

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OKAY, as cynical old rock and metal bastard there are few occassions when I come close to pissing myself laughing when a well turned sneer serves better.

And, as someone who detests labelling bands by specious genres I again came close to pissing myself laughing. Mr Loveday I bow to your descriptions, and even though I have heard only

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HAT tip for the Blabbermouth spot by Seatzie of a Def Leppard video of the Lepps soundcheck in Belfast.

You can view the vid here and decide for yourselves whether this is destined for release or inclusion in DVD?

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So, Mr Black asks can I do like a tour diary from the trip to Download, quickly I scan through the events in my mind, yes I dare say there’s probably enough that doesn’t need censored to fill a page lol And if my wife’s reading this, obviously I’m joking!

Leaving the confines of East, East, East Belfast for a trip that would take me through 4 countries, across a sea of water and into the hallowed land that is Donington, I wondered what lay ahead, what, if anything would go wrong on the journey, and how the hell a near 40 year old bloke who hated the idea of camping would cope on very little sleep, lots of alcohol and whatever else the elements threw at us!

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Flip me, I just keep falling behind dont I??? lol!

Happy Summer guys!!!!!!!! Hope you’re all well!

Ive been quite busy as of late, so here is a collection of stuff that hasnt been put up on here yet.

Swanee River Album Launch w/ Support - The Empire Hall, Belfast - 19th May 2011

The lads from

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CONFIRMATION on their official websites has Turisas and Devin Townsend co-headlining at the Limelight Complex on 7th November in what promises to be a heavy on the metal and loud and proud folk battle fiddle-icous night

More details as soon as we have them

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THERE is a reason why they call it show business. You put on a show/release music/sell merch and it's a business with a show attached. Yeah, we'd all like to believe that the world will stand-up and acclaim our greatness, but it ain't always going to be that way.

And, when it comes to encouraging cynical journos and jaded website

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THE ever reliable Distortion Project has scored another cracker for September with confirmation that Warrior Soul will be playing the Spring and Airbrake on the 17th.

Details, support and prices to follow.

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THE ever reliable Distortion Project has scored another cracker for September with confirmation that Warrior Soul

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