Well, that’s another year gone, and before I get in to detail about my views on the year, really if you look at the last 3 months of the year, you’ll see the main players , in my eyes anyway and how far they’ve come!

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Review of 2011 by NI Rocks

I wasn’t quite sure how to write my review of 2011. I make no claim to be a reviewer of gigs or albums so what follows is really just some personal observations from someone who attends gigs and listens to rock music! And as I’m writing as NI Rocks I’ll be focusing on the local rock scene.

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SO 2011 has passed in all but a blur...and the good folks at Rock Radio NI have been calling for a 2011 Review of the Year..

All of which may cause you constant reader to wonder why my posts disappeared for a few weeks. Truth is I was concentrating on a lot of things, including finally getting my short stories published as e-books

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2011 has indeed been an historical year.  The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Coming out of the coldest winters the U.K. has ever faced.  The captures and deaths of vicious leaders Osama Bin Laden and General Gaddafi.

In my world it has been a very big and busy year for me.  You will see a list of not just local acts,

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Too much to stick in for an update, so just gonna do a big mad one for my Collection of 2011 :-)


Authors: Marc Leach

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CONGRATULATIONS to Coleen and Stephen who each won a pair of tickets to "An Evening With Dimmu Borgir" at the Spring and Airbrake on November 28th, courtesy of those kind folks at CDC Leisure.

Thanks to everyone who entered: as always surprised how many devoted lovers of diverse heavy music there are out there...but there's no excuse

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AFTER posting a little about Dimmu Borgir's upcoming show, and the ticket competition, some of the less dark hearted readers contacted me to learn a little about Borgir.

One could have wittered on endlessly on where Borgir fit into the labyrinthine panoply of black metal, how their symphonic metal has grown in complexity and dexterity,

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THERE can be no doubting that when the sneering, shoe gazing numpties who scorn heavy metal conjure up a clichéd image, that of Manowar must spring to their minds; partially clad, long hair, indulgent soloing and lyrical nonsense about fighting and mythical battles.

But those self-same numpties would have had their skulls shaken

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BEFORE the balls that was the MTV EMA mime-fest Belfast Music Week laid on a Friday evening event in the Ulster Hall entitled Belfast Rocks.

Well readers of this page sort of knew that anyway...But it is also worth pointing out that Belfast does indeed rock to the sound and fury of hard rock and heavy metal every week. However,

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THIS one is for those with the blackest of hearts....yep your chance, thanks to the good folks at CDC Leisure to win tickets to see the kings of symphonic black metal Dimmu Borgir at the Spring and Airbrake on November 28th.

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STIFF Little Fingers received the Northern Ireland Music Awards (NIMA) ‘Legends’ award at the biggest event yet on Wednesday 2nd November, and proceeded to show the young whippersnappers just how a proper band delivers a live performance.

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