HANG on to your bits, never mind the blizzards, because 2012 is kicking off with an alien infestation from GWAR and A Pale Horse Called Death...

The Distortion Project is still assailing the unwilling and willing alike as we approach Friday's 2011 equinox, yet Mr James Loveday has cunningly released the metal world's plans for

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Updating is such a commitment!  Anyways, hello! Here are some shots of some of the gigs I’ve shot lately!

Hilden Beer & Music Festival - Hilden Brewery, Lisburn - 26th August 2011

So headed up to the annual Beer & Music festival down at the Hilden Brewery! This was the only night I went to, featuring,

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OKAY, it's nt exactlt metal, but Fish is part of the heritage of hard rock and a truly great lyricist...and now there's a second date in Norn Iron for his Fishheads Acoustic Tour.

In addition to 10th December at the Diamond Rock Club in Ahoghill the large scaly one will be popping up at the Spring and Airbrake on 15th December...<br

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THAT headline caught your attention! Wish I could claim it, but it comes in the blurb announcing that La Faro will have the Belfast launch of their Easy Meat CD at The Limelight on October 13th.

Easy Meat is already receiving rave reviews for its

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EARLY notice of this one passed me by...but Duff McKagan is bringing Loaded back to Belfast for another aural assault of truly inspiring hard rock, bluesy punk.

Loaded will make their third appearance in Belfast on Wednesday, 2nd November in the Spring & Airbrake.

Tickets clock in at £20, but rest assured that Duff and

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NORWEGIAN black metal mentalists are débuting in Belfast on November 28th at the Spring & Airbrake.

I've always had a wee soft spot for their take on what can become a clichéd black metal scene. And to take it a step further Shagrath and his accomplices want fans to vote on which of their past albums will form the first part

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INTERROGATE have proved to be one of the ambitious bands in the healthy panoply of Northern Ireland heavy music acts, delivering consistently rowdy but tight live sets, and surprisingly excellent recorded output.

It should then come as no surprise then that the new five track EP,

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Here are some gigs I am really looking forward to these upcoming weeks!

10th September


Support: Last Known Addiction

Venue: The Diamond Rock Club, Ahoghill


14th September


Featuring: Sinocence, By

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HAPPY birthday to Ma Nelson's and well done for the launch of the NI Rock Music Awards yesterday (Friday).

Check back here over coming days to find out how to nominate from the immense well of rock, metal and punk talent here in this here wee land.

While the primped, preening ponces come along to the MTV Video Music Awards

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BORN to live forever more, and in their minds they have conquered ever shore, but Manowar probably rightly can claim to be the band that gave birth to battle metal.

Last Updated (Monday, 05 September 2011 17:03)

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JUST listened to a couple of tracks from the new Glyder album courtesy of the Rock Radio NI submissions, and Bat Kinane's crew are back on form with what I have heard of Backroads to Byzantium.

'Long Gone' and 'Down and Out' are welters of classic Irish hard rock,  not lost in some diddley dee nonsense, but building on solid

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