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Dunsmuir is a new project featuring Clutch singer Neil Fallon, former Black Sabbath drummer Vinny Appice, Fu Manchu bass player Brad Davis and guitarist Dave Bone from The Company Band. The four have been working on tracks for their debut, self-titled album for a few years and this is finally released via Hall of Records on 22nd July. A number of 7 inch singles have been released over the past few months. Our friends at New Ocean Media arranged for Brad Davis to answer a few questions via e-mail so that we could find out some more about the band and the new album.



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The band Iodine Sky formed in the Manchester area in 2013 and very soon after released the singles “So Far Away” and “Summer Song”. They recently released their debut album “Tides”. Iodine Sky are Aaron Ward on vocals on and guitar, Josh Zahler on drums, Josh Owen on guitar and Dave Murray on bass. Aaron answered a few questions for Rock Radio NI by e-mail to let us know more about the band.



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Wickman Road is a young band from Sweden and they released their debut album entitled “After The Rain” through the AOR Heaven label on 24th June. As I’ve mentioned before, the melodic rock / AOR genre is one that I struggle with sometimes as the tracks can be too “melodic” and not “heavy” enough. Sometimes I’ll manage to find just one track on a melodic rock album that I like or would play on the NI Rocks Shows. Other times, as with this new album by Wickman Road, there’ll be enough tracks I like to make it worthy of an album recommendation. I played the title track “After The Rain” on the NI Rocks A-Z Show on 21st June.


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We get quite a lot of music submitted electronically to Rock Radio NI and I always try to have a listen to it all. Generally, I’ll only download albums or tracks that fit within my own tastes and that I intend playing on the NI Rocks Shows. Sometimes I’ll download an album that I like the sound of but not have time to listen to it properly for a while; and then when I do, I feel that I’ve been missing out on something! That was exactly the reaction after listening to “Don’t Wait For Heroes”, the new album from the band ZAR that was released through Metalapolis Records on 24th June (though Amazon shows the release date as 22nd July). I’ll be playing the title track from the album on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 1st July and another on the NI Rocks A-Z Show on 5th July.

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AFTER the success of last year's 15th Anniversary of The Distortion Project party, Mr James Loveday has announced DistortionFest 2016 - a 16th birthday show with 14 bands across the Limelight complex on 29th October

Headlining will be - all the way from the US of A, Warrior Soul.

Also appearing will be the awesome Lord Volture, as well as Bloodway from Romania and Valborg from Germany.

Confirmed local acts are Rabid Bitch Of The North and Zlatanera.

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LOUDER Than Hell and also Rain or Shine, both are W:O:A  slogans and true it is, a great festival that will enlighten also in 2016  again 75.000 Metalheads having the best time of their summer.

Just in time for this year

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The band JOANovArc have been on our radar for a while, and have been picking up nods from the likes of Maiden frontman, Bruce Dickinson.

Now the band are set to release their new White Trash single through Red Vixen Records and unveil a brand new video (see below).

JOANovARC a four piece and explain

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HERE'S a blast from the past...
Blackfoot, the Southern American rock band who were originally formed in 1970

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“Machination” is the second album from Italian band Secret Rule and it was released by Scarlet Records on 24th June. The band formed in 2014 and released their debut album “Transposed Emotions” through Rocksector Records in February 2015. I posted a recommendation for that album last year and played tracks from it on quite a few occasions. It was good therefore to get an e-mail about the new album. I played the track “The Image” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 19th June.

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Departed released their self-titled EP on 18th June and it’s one that is well worth checking out. The press release that accompanied the e-mail we received immediately grabbed my interest as it revealed that the band included Empire of Fools singer Mark Pascall and former Treatment guitarist Ben Brookland. I’ve played Empire of Fools tracks on Rock Radio NI quite a bit and the Brookland era Treatment (up to late 2013) probably produced their best material. A quick listen to the EP confirmed that it was indeed something special.

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WHEN you sit down to consider what to call your album, it can be a laborious chore; writer's block can cripple all thoughts, a wrenching agony trying to decide what best encapsulates your sound, your vision and the passion you put into the platter you are about to unleash into the public realm.

Then it must only be 'Like A Combine Harvester In A Field Of Crippled Rabbits' if your band is Acid Age'. No other choice really.

Of course it's full throttle thrash metal

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Balattys Podcast: New show now.
New tune from The Answer. Blues from Lowell Fulsome. Pop from Squeeze.Proper Rock from The Sweet. Motor Cycle noises from Montrose! Falsetto singing from the Darkness and Sparks. Prog from King Crimson and more......Get it while it's luke warm!!
Balattys Podcast: Check out new show.
Balattys Podcast: Note to self....Don't press "Enter" till you've finished the message!! Brand new Heaven the Axe, Magnum, Lizzy Borden, The Answer, Trucker Diablo, Rose Tattoo and more........
stagi: great band great tuneeeeeeeee
Raythebass: Just to let you rockers know. 'Fa Joes' in Lurgan (AKA The central bar) is throwing together a battle of the bands competition in a few weeks, Tel: 028 3834 2335 if you're keen.
stagi: cheers for the rock show \m/
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bcarey1952: Hi...anyone heard of a gig in Ardboe in the next couple of weeks...triggerman among others supposed to be playing?
Doccardy: Mike Jeffrey had actually selected a decent few songs in that lot. Perhaps he should be given a permanent slot or get him in as a guest to talk shite between tracks....now that would be interesting.
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Doccardy: Some decent shiy at last.
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Doccardy: 3====> ~~~
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rocketship92: Great show!
Alice15: My name is Becky Baxter and I am a 15 year old lead singer with a rock and blues band called Riff Diamond. We are so excited to be appearing at the Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast on 15th December 2015 and we were wondering if you could give us some publicity for our upcoming gig. All proceeds are in aid of The National Autistic Society. This is a subject close to my heart as my sister Hannah is diagnosed with Asphergers.
Hannah is a gifted and prolific writer and we, as a band, are honoured to give her a platform to express her views and her perspective on a society with which she can feel out of sync. Such songs as "Masquerade", " Count Me Out"and "Welcome to the End of Forever" encapsulate this.

These songs are among many of Riff Diamond's original material, the bulk of which capture the essence of classic rock and blues artists like Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters and Led Zeppelin and combine them with an original, vibrant and contemporary creativity. Added to this, the band showcases the great guitar skills of Conal O' Donoghue, our 17 year old lead guitarist who made it through to the last 60 auditions out of 1000 entries to Sky Arts Guitar Star. Together with John Mc Nulty rocking it on drums and Shauna Mc Garrity acing it on bass, we are Riff Diamond, a new exciting band which would welcome all your support.
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termi: nice website «link»
Doccardy: Just about to listen to this weeks offering......Big Country you say......Stay Alive.
Doccardy: Not many people around here today
tunehead: Good evening to you all in NI. I'm in Parksville B.C. Canada,on Vancouver Island. Checking out your show. Is there a current playlist on this page somewhere that shows what you are playing and what was just played?
tunehead: I'm 8 hours behind you guys here @ 2:16 pm Saturday 23rd
tunehead: Can you please play..Judas Priest Dawn Of Creation/Prophecy
NI Rocks: Hi Tunehead. Thanks for tuning in from Canada. Sorry, just reading your message now. There are a few hosts on the station - the playlists for my weekly shows are published on www.facebook.com/NIRocks
NI Rocks: Other playlists are on the RRNI facebook for which there is a link below.
NI Rocks: I publish my playlists monthly on the website - «link»
NI Rocks: When none of the recorded shows are playing the playlist is just randomly generated. I'll see if we can get that Judas Priest track played for you.
tunehead: Great, thanks. I stumbled upon RRNI when my regular stn. went off. If i'm not sitting in front of computer I put in on in the morning then go about the day rockin' on Man!
NI Rocks: Thanks Tunehead. Glad you enjoy the station.

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