Well this is it, the first gig of the year and it is a real keeper!
A show that is on annually down in Dublin in tribute to one of the greatest musicians that ever lived, PHIL LYNOTT

  who was the lead man of THE greatest rock band in the whole world THIN LIZZY.  This will be the 25th anniversary of his untimely death. 

I am so happy that I have gotten permission to take photos at this show, it will be a big break, plus it will be the furthest I would have travelled to take photos of bands.

The headline act will be THE BRIAN ROBERTSON BAND.  Brian Robertson is one of the many guitarists that have played in Thin Lizzy. His band features big name musicians especially the American guitarist CHRIS LANEY.

Thin Lizzy’s original guitarist ERIC BELL will also be performing, along with the HOODOO RYTHM DEVILS.

MATT WILSON (Dead Presidents) & PHIL EDGAR (Bandwagon) will be doing what they do best, playing music.  What more could you want from Phil Lynott Jr. & Gary Moore Jr.? :P

THE PAT MCMANUS BAND will also be playing along with BAT KIANE (ex Glyder)

there are also many more acts performing at this brilliant show.

I can tell you one thing, I am ready to rock!!!!!!

Authors: Marc Leach

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