What a way to start the year indeed! The Annual vibe for Philo was held down in a sold out Vicar Street in Dublin.  This was the 25th anniversary of not only the vibe, but the death of one of the greatest musicians that ever lived, Phil Lynott.

With hanging round the hotel room, the many Guineys and the Paul Stanley impressions (thanks

Jimmy Coup!) that day was absolutely fantastic!

Was great to watch some of my favourite performers hit the stage and everyone of them playing Lizzy songs.

RIP Phil Lynott 1949 - 1986


Matt Wilson tuning up


Gnasher with Jimmy Coup (played for Andrew WK)


Smiley Bolger (Vibe founder)


Conor McGouran


Mark Dignam


Phil Edgar (playing for Matt n’ Phil)


Leanne Harte


Bat Kinane (ex Glyder) playing with the Pat McManus band


Pat McManus


The Hoodoo Rythm Devils

image 0 0

Eric Bell (ex Thin Lizzy)

image 1 1

Eric Bell

image 2 2

Eric Bell, Philomena Lynott (Phil Lynott’s mum) & Brian Robertson (ex Thin Lizzy) singing Whiskey in a Jar.  Unfortunatly Philomena didn’t know the words, but who on stage really needs to when you have a crowd of 1,500 singing it for ya?

image 3 3

Philomena Lynott delivering her speech

image 4 4

Chris Laney playing the Brian Robertson band.

image 5 5

Brian Robertson (ex Thin Lizzy)

Authors: Marc Leach

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