SHOCTOPUS, Sinner Falls, Spiral Force and Steering Fail
When it comes to local gigs there is normally a balance of shit bands with good bands, sporadically placed on the bill in poor order and audience not knowing what they are there for. That was not the case with this gig. This gig in general can only be summed up in 2 words...HOLY...SHIT! That’s right guys, I predicted this would be the best gig in Belfast for a long time and I was fecking right. Instead of the usual analysis of the top bands on the night I don’t have a choice but to talk about what I thought about every band playing.
Steering Fail
Rob, Chris, Wilson and Guy
To open the night we had a proper heavy metal band, STEERING FAIL. None of this bullshit death metal – thrash metal – metalcore noise bollocks. This band plays no-nonsense straight up metal. Lead singer Guy I have seen in another band on the scene and to be honest I really prefer him in Steering Fail. His vocals in this band are great and you get a real feel for the songs. The energy throughout their entire set was absolutely phenomenal, I think at one point drummer, Wilson Davidson, was having a 1 man moshpit at the back of the stage. Rob was fantastic on guitar and the chemistry between him and front man, Guy, was fantastic. To finish up the mix of musical mayhem there is Chris on the bass guitar and he really does play the shit out of that bass. The set list for this band was structured well and some of the riffs and everything was absolutely fantastic. There was a slight technical hitch with the bassist at the early stages of the set but their professionalism prevailed and it was immediately sorted out.
Fury’s Favourite: favourite song performed during their set had to be “Fights Dykes and Expensive Jackets” download available at:
Spiral Force
In between Steering Fail and the next band on we had an acoustic player come on and entertain the crowd. I can’t remember the guys name but he was absolutely fantastic. Second band up of the night was the absolutely magnificent SPIRAL FORCE. This is a band that can only be described with great majesty and respect. From the minute they get on stage their professionalism takes over and they command your respect with a set list that flows from song to song. Front man, Jonny has a stage presence that is perfectly fitted for their music. I think musically on the night Spiral Force were possibly the best fit for support for the headliner with their blunt and classic heavy rock which in parts for some reason reminded me of Maiden. The professionalism of this band, their songs, their look and their stage show from the front man in my opinion make this band a fucking diamond in the rough in these parts.
Fury’s Favourite: my favourite song from Spiral Force was “Seize the Day”. This song is available to listen to at
Sinner Falls
The penultimate band of the evening showed what going to a local gig is all about. The one and only SINNER FALLS rose to the platform of rock in the Pavilion. These guys are musically sound and well crafted at everything they do. Lorcan Falls is an enigmatic wonder with magical vocals and energetic guitar playing. David Donnelly for me is one of those drummers that just knows how to play. Bassist, Steve Crozier is naturally talented and puts on a performance whilst getting lost in the music with the rest of the band. Taking no prisoners is Sinner Falls new guitarist Harry Bregazzi who performs with such precision that it changes the dynamic of the band and transforms their sound into something new altogether. This is a band that plays groovy but heavy music that leaves you salivating at the man gash. My favourite part of this with it being a live gig, anything can happen. Certain things that can’t happen on a cd will happen at a live gig. This was in the form of the guys from Steering Fail getting up on stage with Sinner Falls to perform a song with them. Folks this is what rock n roll and live bands are all about. This is something that you don’t get on a cd. Pure raw musical talent and passion to match it!
Fury’s Favourite: my favourite song from Sinner Falls on the night and in general, it is one of my favourite songs “Valkyrie”. Check Sinner Falls out on
Stavis and Cha
For the final act of the night, all the way from Dublin Ireland, the 8th wonder of the world, SHOCTOPUS! Shoctopus are a band that have made a name for themselves in the south and now are looking to get themselves about in the north. Let me tell you, I have seen a lot of bands come from the south and playing gigs here and play to nobody. Gig promoter, Amelia Seifert, took a big risk having a relatively unknown band headline but it paid off and then some. Shoctopus were absolutely in another league all together. A professional attitude on and off the stage. Absolutely fantastic songs and a well thought out set list structure. These guys play a great mix of music that blends modern metal with classic metal and I recommend checking them out as soon as possible. Drummer of the band “Ripper” has the charisma of a front man, I know I have said that about drummers before but trust me. When “Ripper” gets on that drum kit it is pure mentalist crazy drumming but with beauty and perfection. Boke-boy-bassist “Tank” is fucking amazing to watch. His fingers are beautiful skilled for that bass and one can only wonder how he practiced to make them do the things he does. Again another member of this band with front man charisma. Guitarist “Stavis” is another wonder to behold.  His solo’s were epic, his riffs were delicate and catchy whilst his wandering status left people wondering where he could be...I do believe at one point he may have went for a piss whilst playing a solo. Last but by far from least is front man “Cha”. Holy fuck is he a front man or is he a front man? Bands coming from outside Belfast never mind the country find it hard to get the crowd going but not “Cha”. He had people singing along the words to “Firewater” and had the audience eating out of his hands. People moshed up at the front throughout their set and even “Cha” found himself down with the head bangers. Whilst covering “Rebel Yell” they even called myself up to sing with them. Individually these guys are great musicians, together, there is only one word that can be used to describe them, to truly give them justice...SHOCTOPUS!

Fury’s Favourite: as I am only picking 1 song as my favourite for each is especially hard with these guys with amazing songs like “Firewater” and “One for the Road”. I have to go with my personal favourite then; “King of the Mountain” find them on facebook via this link
I have to be honest folks, I have never enjoyed a gig so much in my life. All credit for this has to go to Amelia Seifert for yet again putting on an absolutely amazing show. The bands done their part in promoting the gig as well and the crowd was just great. The after show parties were unbelievable. Folks the things that happened at this gig is the reason why I love going to see will literally never, EVER know what will happen. These 4 bands are all bands that I reckon you check out. Yeah get their cds etc but I suggest getting off your fat ass, put down your mouse and go outside into this brave world and check out a local gig...LIVE.
Until next time folks don’t let the bastards keep you down!

Authors: Scott Wilson

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