A new Ronnie James Dio compilation is due out through Sanctuary on June 6.

Callled ‘Mightier Than The Sword’, this double CD spans his entire career, from Elf to Heaven & Hell.

The full track listing is:

CD One:
1. Carolina County Ball (Elf) 2. Love Is All (Ronnie James Dio) 3. The Temple Of The King (Rainbow) 4. Catch The Rainbow (Rainbow) 5. Stargazer (Rainbow) 6. Run With The Wolf (Rainbow) 7. Kill The King (Rainbow) 8. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll (Rainbow) 9. Lady Of The Lake (Rainbow) 10. Gates Of Babylon (Rainbow) 11. Die Young (Black Sabbath) 12. Heaven And Hell (Black Sabbath) 13. Children Of The Sea (Black Sabbath).

CD Two:
1. The Mob Rules (Black Sabbath) 2. Voodoo (Black Sabbath) 3. Country Girl (Black Sabbath) 4. Holy Diver (Dio) 5. Rainbow In The Dark (Dio) 6. We Rock (Dio) 7. Rock ‘N’ Roll Children (Dio) 8. All The Fools Sailed Away (Dio) 9. I (Black Sabbath) 10. Push (Dio) 11. One More For The Road (Dio) 12. Shadow Of The Wind (Black Sabbath) 13. Neon Knights (Heaven & Hell) 14. Bible Black (Heaven & Hell).

Find out more at www.ronniejamesdio.com

Authors: Monk

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