In nearly 30 years of writing about the Belfast music scene, I’ve conveyed possibly every emotion that it is possible to commit to words – anger, love, hate, compassion, fury, desire… add your own as applicable. Very rarely, however – if ever – have they all possibly been contained in one piece and one place (which is why I suppose this review should come with a public health warning!)
Last night, a scenario unfolded which could have killed most bands, stone dead, on the spot. What should have been the proudest moment in any band’s career could have become their most shameful. It could have been the end of their world, literally. Worldsend could have proven to be an apocalyptic premonition.
OK, enough of the flowery literary shit. What I’m talking about here is the party to celebrate the launch of the excellent ‘Letters To Lost Souls’, the debut album by Worldsend. The band and the venue really had pushed the boast out… from beautifully produced invitations to a highly effective social media campaign and a superbly decorated venue. But (there’s always a ‘but’, isn’t there?), there was one very important ingredient missing…. a drummer.
Basically, last Wednesday – four days before his band’s career breaker showcase – sticksman Stephen Campbell baled, jumped overboard and swam off to the new world… Show over. Or, so you would think. But, Eddie, J and Paul are three of the most professional and accomplished musicians it ever has been my pleasure to meet and so, in the best showbiz, tradition, they sat down, analysed the situation and decided that the show would go on.
And so they took to the stage, with spotlights blazing on a drumkit. And proceeded to deliver a brilliant, career defining show. It was clear from the outset that vocalist Eddie Currie was angry – with ‘Fuck You’ inked on the inside of his forearm – as he virtually spat out the lyrics with unbridled venom. Yet, he also retained his trademark smile and humour (referring to replacement drummer ‘Roland’). He was counterpointed by the calmness of bassist Paul Boyd and guitarist extraordinaire J: indeed, the only disappointment arising from the whole scenario was the fact that using a laptop for the drum parts limited J’s ability to indulge in some fiery solos.
Worldsend? Yes. And no. A new beginning? Only the guys can steer their course. It was an emotional rollercoaster of a gig… it was a pleasure to be there, and I wish the three of you well on your onward voyage… you know how to find me if you need a crew…

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