Sometimes, life throws you up conundrums. Like, what to tell your ex when she makes it clear she still wants to relive some of the good times when you hate her guts! Or, how to a review a CD by guys you’ve known, on and off, for about 20 years?
In the case of the former, no fucking chance babe – you blew it! As for the latter – well, I suppose you better just go for it… which is what I’m going to do in the case of the CD currently blasting out of the rather powerful stereo here at PC Tower.
The opus in question is the long awaited ‘Letters To A Lost Soul’ by the highly experienced quartet that go by the name of Worldsend.
I use the word experienced in the best possible sense: this is a band who have been around the block more than once – and it’s experience that shows, as this is a very polished performance all round.
Opener ‘Without A Trace’ sets the standard, with the rhythm section of Steve and Paul tight as fuck underneath J’s twisting, winding guitar work (he may be playing slower than the Comet of old but he’s still the best guitarist to come of Carrickfergus) while Eddie’s vocals soar majestically.
The high standard is maintained through the equally superb ‘The Enemy We See’ , before the pace – but not the standard - lessens for ‘Warning Sign’.
There is a word I used earlier: polished. And that sums up this eight track release. Very much so. I also used the word experienced. Again, this is a positive description. I’m going to add a few more words, all deserved: impressive, accomplished, well worth checking out, repeating.
The official release party is this coming Saturday (14 May) at Ma Nelson’s. Two more words: be there.

Authors: Monk

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