The following is a statement I have received from EXIT regarding the events at Auntie Annie's this past Tueday evening. I have not edited it in any way, and I am more than happy for them to give their version of events:

I was directed to your blog post about the band and I just wanted to get it touch and explain both sides of story.
I'm not asking you to retract the blog, your perfectly entitled to post whatever you wish due to the frustration you feel as a paying customer. But I just wanted to set the record straight before things get out of hand.
When we arrived for soundcheck due to the illness of our singer (who was suffering from a throat infection and could hardly speak) we asked all the bands if someone else wanted to go on last/Headline so as our singer could get back home to bed. However, no-one was willing to swap with us.
So when the night run way out of control timewise meaning we had no real set time our drummer lost his cool. This was done without the drummer speaking to the other members of the band. This resulted in the other three members being equally in shock as the crowd in the venue as he packed up his gear. Leaving us feeling very embarrassed as we had agreed to go on and at least do a song or two before we were told to stop due to curfew or our singers voice gave up. The remaining members of the band all asked the drummer to stop packing up and play the gig. We have since had strong words with our drummer and he has apologised to the promoter and the other members of the band.
Due to the fact the gig ran over schedule we were left to play at most a 15min set before curfew.
To anyone who was at the show we would like to apologise on behalf of our drummer who pulled the show for the band. As a band we had been looking forward to the show for a while as its not often you get a lineup of this strength. We are also personally offering refunds, a free guestlist place to our next gig and a free copy of our current EP to anyone who feels insulted by the bands non-performance. We have already refunded several people who were in the venue, several other people refused the refunds and understood the situation from our point of view, so they were given free copies of our current EP.
If anyone at the gig wants a refund or a put on the bands guestlist for their next show feel free to get in touch This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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