Over the past year or so, there is one band name I have seen on flyers, posters, etc., which has meant that, whenever I go to see them, they guarantee me one helluva fucking good time. And that name, of course, is Trucker Diablo.
Finally, the party hard quartet have released their debut opus, The Devil Rhythm - and, by fuck, has it been worth the wait!
Put quite simply, this is ten blistering beer-, diesel- and whiskey-soaked powerhouse tunes which roll out of your speakers with the demonic intent of... well... a beer- and whiskey-soaked trucker - and then some.
Tom, Simon, Glenn and Terry set out their stall with the opening bars of the self-explanatory 'Drink Beer, Destroy', with its catchy suvern blooze infused hooks and equally catchy, nay infectious, chorus. The band are as tight as fuck, with Tom and Simon's guitars both complementing and bouncing off each other as required, while Glenn and Terry provide a backdrop tighter than a nun's crack! 'Juggernaut' features the band's old friend Ricky Warwick, who parties just as hard as the rest of the band.
Other highlights include the live favourite 'Big Truck', the bluesier 'Voodoo', the wonderful 'Dirty Love' and closer 'Rattelhead', which features the best banjo intro I have heard on a rock song since Blackfoot's seminal 'Rattlesnake Rock n Roller'.
And the Blackfoot comparison is a fair one. The album has the overall feel of 'Marauder' era Medlocke, coupled with the rawness of early ZZ Top, the catchiness of the Black Crowes and the passion of our own Thin Lizzy. And its all perfectly delivered thanks to a great production by Frankie McClay - clean and crisp but with enough dirt on its boots to capture the spirit of TD's always superb live shows.
This, quite frankly, is essential listening.
Available directly from the band @ www.myspace.com/truckerdiablo

Authors: Monk

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