Classic Rock” Magazine review of Million Dollar Reload’s “Anthems of a Degeneration” by Essi Berelian. 2008

“Lost” debut remixed and remastered.

A more appropriate label for this raucous and rejuvenated first album it would be hard to imagine, given that the first thing to hit you squarely between the ears is just how Phil Conalane’s vocals are redolent of a certain Bon Scott. At full tilt there’s a chest-beating, swaggering similarity that’s really kinda spooky. Add to this boundless energy and an innate knack for big fat hooks and you have a fistful of rough and ready tunes that transcend their classically rocking influences to quite simply knock you flat on your arse with the quality on display.

The likes of “Tattoos and Dirty Girls”, “Goodnight New York”, “Freeloader” and “Fire Your Guns” (much better than the AC/DC tune of the same name) all demand instant replays, though really there isn’t a duff track on here. Debuts this perfectly formed don’t come around very often and to think that the world almost never got to hear this because the original distribution company went to the wall a couple of years ago.

A killer effort – more please chaps.

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