“Damon’s Rage” is the sixth solo album from former Silent Rage front-man Jesse Damon. It was released on 28th February by AOR Heaven. The album is very much a two man show with Paul Sabu doing the production as playing bass and keyboards, performing backing vocals and doing the drum programming. Jesse Damon plays lead and rhythm guitar as well as doing lead and backing vocals. The track “Love Gone Wild” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show back in January.

Jesse Damon rose to fame in the 80’s with LA band Silent Rage releasing the albums “Shattered Hearts” and “Don’t Touch Me There”. The band’s profile increased hugely when they signed with Gene Simmons and re-released their second album in 1989. Damon also co-wrote the track “Thou Shalt Not” with Simmons for the Kiss album “Revenge” in 1992. Silent Rage reformed to release the album “Still Alive” in 2002, followed by “Four Letter Word” in 2008.


Jesse Damon released his first solo album “The Hand That Rocks” in 2003 and it included a track called “Everybody Needs Somebody” that was co-written with Gene Simmons. Further albums followed in 2004 and 2006 and then there was a slight gap before his first release with AOR Heaven in 2013 – “Temptation in the Garden of Eve”. The fifth solo album was “Southern Highway” in 2016.

Check out Jesse’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/jesse.damon.7

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