British band Collateral released their self-titled debut album on 21st February through Roulette Media Records. Distribution is being handled by Cargo Records and the album is also available in orange vinyl. The release of the debut album follows the release of the band’s first EP in 2018. The track “Merry Go Round” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 14th February, followed by “Promiseland” on 13th March.


Collateral formed about six years ago in Kent and now features Angelo Tristan on lead vocals and guitar, Todd Winger on guitar, Jack Bentley-Smith on bass and Ben Atkinson on drums. The band quickly developed a supportive fan base, featuring on Planet Rock and the Australian Radio Charts as well as winning some fan-vote competitions, including one which saw them join Jon Bon Jovi on the Runaway to Paradise Mediterranean Cruise in August 2019. They also played the Rising Stage t Ramblin’ Man Fair last year.

The band released an EP called “4 Shots!” in November 2018 before starting to work on their debut album. The single “Lullaby” was the first single to be released from the new album and debuted in May 2019. The band members identify a number of differing musical influences and the nine tracks on “Collateral” reflect that range of influences.


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