Local band Blackwater Conspiracy released their second album “Two Tails & The Dirty Truth of Love & Revolution” on 14th February. The release comes about two and a half years after the release of the first full studio album and almost five years after the release of their debut EP. The latter coincided with the band changing their name from Million Dollar Reload. The band is featured regularly on the Friday NI Rocks Show and so far I’ve played two tracks from the new album on the Show - “All Wired Wrong” on 21st February and “Take It On The Chin” on 28th February.


Million Dollar Reload released two great studio albums as well as a live album and were very popular both in Northern Ireland and further afield. At one point they were signed to Frontiers Records. A distinct change in the music that the band was writing led to the decision to change the name of the band in 2015. What emerged was Blackwater Conspiracy. Since then the band have continued to expand their fanbase on the local, national and international arena.

Inevitably not all the Million Dollar Reload fans have continued the journey with Blackwater Conspiracy, but the music genres are very different. Fortunately, I like both and I think it is a mark of talent of the musicians involved that they have been able to successfully transition between the two genres!

Blackwater Conspiracy are Phil Conalane on vocals and rhythm guitar, Brian Mallon on lead guitar, Kie McMurray on bass, Fionn O’Hagain on drums and Kevin Brennan on keyboards.


Check out the band’s website for news, social media links etc - https://blackwaterconspiracy.com/

There are two interviews with Phil on the Rock Radio NI website and the NI Rocks MixCloud page – one from 2015 - http://www.rockradioni.co.uk/interviews/2161-ni-rocks-interview-with-phil-from-blackwater-conspiracy-million-dollar-reload.html -  and the other from 2019 - http://www.rockradioni.co.uk/interviews/3525-ni-rocks-interview-with-phil-conalane-million-dollar-reload-blackwater-conspiracy.html

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