Autumn’s Child is a new band formed by the highly respected Swedish singer / songwriter / keyboardist Mikael Erlandsson and it released a self-titled debut album through AOR Heaven on 31st January. Erlandsson was a founding member of the successful band Last Autumn’s Dream and the new band name is presumably a reflection of that. There will be a track from the album on the Friday NI Rocks Show next week (6th March).


Joning Erlandsson in Autumn’s Child are keyboard player Jona Tee from H.E.A.T., former Eclipse drummer Robban Bäck and guitarist Pontus Åkesson from Moon Safari. Producer Claes Andreasson also contributes to the album. The latter co-produced the album along with Erlandsson, who also did the mixing and mastering.

Jona Tee was one of the founding members of H.E.A.T. in 2007, having originally played in the band Dream. He remains with that band and plays on the new album “H.E.A.T. II” released on 21st February. Robban Bäck was the drummer for Eclipse from 2006 to 2015, playing on four of the band’s studio albums. Pontus Åkesson has been a member of Swedish prog rock band Moon Safari since 2005, playing on three of their studio albums and both live albums.

Erlandsson had formed the band Last Autumn’s Dream with guitarist Andy Malecek from Fair Warning in 2002 and three members of the band Europe – bass player John Levén, drummer Ian Haugland and keyboard player Mic Michaeli. Their debut album was released in 2003. By the time the second album was released in 2005 the line-up had changed considerably and it now included Marcel Jacob and Jamie Borger from Talisman. With a number of line-up changes over the years (including Nalle Påhlsson joining the band as bass player following the untimely death of Jacob in 2009) the band has continued to release albums regularly; the latest studio album being “Fourteen” in 2018.


Erlandsson had also released a number of solo albums prior to forming Last Autumn’s Dream and released another in 2019 called “Capricorn Six” which I published a recommendation for – . He also released two albums with Lover Under Cover.

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