“Dynamind” is the tenth studio album from Austrian symphonic metal band Edenbridge and it was released on 25th October by Steamhammer / SPV. The symphonic metal genre can be a little hit or miss for me personally, but there is quite a lot to like about this album. The track “The Memory Hunter” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 25th October.


Edenbridge formed in 1998 and founding members, singer Sabine Edelsbacher and guitarist/keyboardist Lanvall remain with the band. There have been a number of changes of drummer, bass player and guitarist over the years, but those positions are now held by Johannes Jungreithmeier (since 2016), Stegan Gimpl (since 2017) and Dominik Sebastian (since 2008).


The band released their debut album “Sunrise in Eden” in 2000 and their first of three live albums in 2004. They also released a compilation album in 2007. Their latest live album “Live Momentum” in 2017 followed the release of their ninth studio album “The Great Momementum” earlier the same year.


There are ten tracks on “Dynamind” and the DigiPak CD version comes with a second disc that features instrumental versions of all the tracks. These are also available on the vinyl release.


Check out the band’s website at https://www.edenbridge.org/


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