The name Soren Andersen is one that I’ve encountered many times over the past few years – as guitarist, songwriter and / or producer. On 11th October he released a solo, instrumental album called “Guilty Pleasures” through Mighty Music. It features guest appearances from Marco Mendoza, Glenn Hughes and Chad Smith. The track “City of Angels” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show back in May and there will be another track on the Show this week.


Soren Andersen is the co-owner of Medley Studios in Copenhagen and I’m familiar with his work producing or mixing albums for artists such as Mike Tramp, Glenn Hughes, Marco Mendoza, Tygers of Pan Tang, Junkyard Drive etc. He has also played on albums by Mike Tramp, Glenn Hughes and Marco Mendoza and his website lists many other artists that he has worked with, including The Answer, D-A-D, Phil Campbell, Pretty Maids and Thundermother. In addition, he has released three albums with Mika Vandborg under the name Electric Guitars.

Soren Andersen describes “Guilty Pleasures” as the album that he has dreamt of making since he was a teenager. It features ten tracks on which he plays guitar and keyboards. The bass players on the album include Glenn Hughes on “Bird Feeder”, Ida Nielson from Prince’s band on “Skybar”, Neil Murray on “1983” and Marco Mendoza on three tracks. Most of the drums are provided by Morten Hellborn, but there is a guest appearance by Chad Smith on “Bird Feeder”.


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