“Losing Gravity” is the debut album from Finnish band Block Buster and it was released through Frontiers Music on 13th September. The band is part of Frontiers ‘New Breed’ roster, but in reality has been around for over ten years, developing their sound and expanding their fanbase. They actually opened for Bon Jovi in Helsinki back in 2011. I posted an interview with the band’s guitarist on the Rock Radio NI website this week and this covers the band’s history as well as the new album. The track “Move” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show in June and we’ll be featuring more tracks from the album soon.


Block Buster was formed by two brothers - Aarni Metsäpelto on lead vocals and guitar and Jaako Metsäpelto on drums. Lead guitarist Elias Salo joined the brothers in 2008 and current bass player Joonas Arppe joined in 2013.

The band released their first EP “Feel The Heat” in 2012. That was followed by two further EPs - “Hammered & Smashed” in 2013 and “Ain’t On the Chain” in 2015. The debut album “Losing Gravity” was recorded in July 2018 and they were signed to Frontiers shortly afterwards.


Block Buster identify AC/DC and the 70’s classic rock bands as their main influences musically, particularly in the early days, but their new album highlights how their influences have diversified and their sound matured over the years.


The interview with guitarist Elias can be read here - http://www.rockradioni.co.uk/interviews/3660-ni-rocks-interview-with-elias-salo-from-block-buster.html

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