Swedish metal band Hammerfall released their eleventh studio album, “Dominion”, through Napalm Records on 16th August. The PR guys at Napalm had sent us through the singles from the album to feature on the Shows and that was enough encouragement for me to purchase “Dominion” when it was released. The album is available as a limited edition boxset or in gold vinyl on the Napalm Records website. The track “(We Make) Sweden Rock” was first played on the Friday NI Rocks Show back in May and was included again on 16th August. The track “One Against The World” was featured in July.

Hammerfall was formed in 1993 by guitarist Oscar Dronjak after he left the band Ceremonial Oath. Dronjak is the only surviving member from the band’s initial line-up, but two others involved in recording the band’s first album, “Glory To The Brave”, in 1997 are still with the band. They are vocalist Joacim Cans who has been with the band since 1996 and bass player Fredrik Larsson who was with the band from 1994 to 1997 and then returned in 2007. The other current band members are guitarist Pontus Norgren (since 2008) and drummer David Wallen (since 2014).

Hammerfall have consistently released new studio albums every two or three years since their second album, “Legacy of Kings”, in 1998. Their last album, “Built To Last”, in 2016 was their first with Napalm Records. The band have also released two live albums and two compilation albums.


Hammerfall are touring N America with Sabaton in October and November and also doing a few headline shows of their own.


Check out the band’s website - https://www.hammerfall.net/

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