“Parallel Universe” is the second album from Greek band SiXforNinE and it was released by Eclipse Records on 2nd August. The band formed in Athens about eight years ago and they released their first album in 2015. Eclipse Records refer to the band as ‘alternative metal’, although I’ve also seen the ‘progressive metal’ label applied. Either way, the album is certainly worth checking out. The track “Bullet off It’s Course” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 5th July.


SiXforNinE was formed in Athens in 2011 by guitarist George Kapa, drummer Pete Outfox and bass player Herc Booze. They initially recruited Thodoris G as the vocalist, but he departed in the midst of recording the first album. The band then turned to their producer, Fotis Benardo from the band Septicflesh, to record the album and he subsequently became a permanent member of SiXforNinE.

That first self-titled album was released in 2015 and helped the band secure a number of gigs and other opportunities, including working with Red Bull on their ‘See. Hear. Now’ live sessions showcase. Recording for the second album “Parallel Universe” commenced in 2017 and the band was signed to Eclipse Records earlier this year.

There are nine tracks on the album and the first single and video to be released was “Bullet Off Its Course”.


Check out the band’s website - http://sixfornine.com/


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