Given how often I’ve played tracks from this album over the past few weeks it’s doubtful that I need to post a recommendation to state how good I think it is! On the other hand, it seems only fair that I should. Local rockers Gasoline Outlaws officially released their second album “Light Up The World” on 10th May. However, despite the band being one of many to be badly impacted by the financial mishandling at Pledgemusic, those who had pledged (like myself) received a download of the album back in February. In the fifteen weeks since then I’ve played five of the ten tracks from the album a total of eight times on the Friday NI Rocks Show. Basically, the band has been on the Show every other week, if not every week!


Gasoline Outlaws had formed in 2014 with vocalist Matt Fitzsimons (previously from Black Freeway and Last Known Addiction), bass player Chris Fitzsimons (ex Black Freeway), guitarist Adam Parkin (ex Yellow Sam) and Adam Callaghan (Pay*ola). They released their debut album “No Rules, No Laws, No Regrets” in June 2015. Former Inch High and Last Known Addiction drummer Ryan Hood later replaced Adam Callaghan. Since the release of their first album the band has received quite a bit of attention from rock focused radio / internet stations in the UK and they’ve played a number of festivals on the mainland UK. The band has consistently been amongst the top three or four most featured artists on the Friday NI Rocks Show each year since the release of that first album.

The band managed to find a way through the fiasco that was Pledgemusic and get the album out to pledgers digitally in February and then in physical format ahead of the official release of “Light Up The World” on 10th May. The album includes a reworking of the track “Breathe Again” which was first released in 2016 (and which has been played sixteen times on the Friday NI Rocks Show since then!). A second track, “The System Is A Lie” was released in June 2018 (and has been played at least five times on the Show). The album also features the track “Better Days Coming” which was co-written with Cormac Neeson from The Answer and includes guest vocals from Amy Montgomery.

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