Mass was a German based band with a multi-national line-up that released eight studio albums between 1973 and 1986. (They are not to be confused with the Boston, USA based band of the same name that has been active since the early 80’s. I posted a recommendation for their latest album last year!) Thirty years after splitting up, Mass was reformed by original bassist Günther V Radny with a whole new line-up. They released a new album called “Still Chained” through Pride & Joy Music on 26th April. I included the track “Back To The Music” on the Friday NI Rocks Show this week (24th May).





Originally formed in 1970 as Black Mass the band went through a number of line-up changes, especially in the early and latter years, before splitting in 1987. During that period they played numerous gigs and festivals, released eight studio albums resulting in sales of over 200,000 copies and gained a widespread following. The band’s first album “Back To The Music” was released in 1973 and the final album “Kick Your Ass” in 1986.

Some of the longer serving band members during that period included guitarist Detlef ‘Dave’ Schreiber (1976-86), vocalist Jack E Burnside (1978-86) and drummer Johannes Eder (1974-87). Günther V Radny was the bass player throughout 1973 to 1987.


With the band’s legacy becoming more acknowledged in recent years, Radny decided to reform the band in 2017and they played a number of festivals. The new line that recorded the album features radny on bass, Matthias ‘Wauxl’ Pfaller on vocals, Hannes Heid on guitars, Andy Gmeinwieser on drums and Clemens Matejka on keyboards.

You can find out more on the band’s website -




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