The Quireboys were one of the bands badly hit by the debacle at Pledge Music, which has seen many artists out of pocket – along with many of the pledgers. I was one of the initial pledgers for the album and like many others, I re-ordered through Off Yer Rocks Records when it was clear the Pledge Music Campaign was terminal. The latest album from The Quireboys, entitled “Amazing Disgrace”, was released digitally on 5th April and on CD on 19th April. A vinyl release is to follow in June. The track “Seven Deadly Sins” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 5th April.


The Quireboys formed back in 1984 and this year they celebrate the 35th anniversary of their formation. Their debut album “A Bit of What You Fancy” wasn’t released until 1990. It was followed by “Bitter Sweet & Twisted” in 1993, before the band parted ways for a while. They returned in 2001, releasing the album “This Is Rock n Roll” and then “Well Oiled” (2004), “Homewreckers & Heartbreakers” (2008) and “Halfpenny Dancer” (2009). Since hooking up with Off Yer Rocka, The Quireboys have released six studio albums in seven years. Between recording and the relentless touring, the band certainly isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

There have been numerous line-up changes over the year and only singer Spike remains from the band’s formation in 1984. However guitarist Guy Griffin has been there since 1990, playing on all the albums. The current core of the group also includes keyboard player Keith Weir (who joined in 2001) and guitarist Paul Guerin (who joined in 2004). The other members of the band are drummer Dave McCluskey and bass player Gary Ivin.

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