“Rise of the Dragon Empire” is the latest album from Swedish metal band Bloodbound and it was released by AFM Records on 22nd March. It is the band’s eighth studio album since they formed in 2004 and their fifth with AFM. The title track “Rise of the Dragon Empire” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 22nd March.





Bloodbound was formed in Sweden in 2004 by two former Street Talk members, keyboard player Fredrik Bergh and guitarist Tomas Olsen. Those two founding members remain with the band. The vocalist for “Nosfeatu”, the first album in 2005 was former Tad Morose singer Urban Breed. However he departed for a few months in 2006/07 before returning and leaving finally in 2010. The band’s second album, “Book of the Dead”, in 2007 featured Jaded Heart singer Michael Bormann. Breed returned for the third album in 2009, whilst the fourth album, “Unholy Cross” in 2011 saw the arrival of current vocalist Patrick L Selleby (initially known as Patrik ‘Pata’ Johansson).

Alongside founding members Fredrik Bergh and Tomas Olsen and vocalist Selleby, are guitarist Henrik Olsen who has been a member of the band since 2006, bass player Anders Broman who joined in 2011 and newest member, drummer Daniel Sjögren who joined in 2017.


Check out the band’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/bloodboundmetal/

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