“Evil Enough” is the debut album from singer and guitarist Tara Lynch. It was originally released in the USA on the 13th April 2018. It got a European release through Cargo Records on 1st March. This coincides with her support slots for the UFO tour, which brings her to Belfast on 20th March. Whilst principally a vocalist and guitarist Tara Lynch is also trained on drums, bass and keyboards; however she has a number of guest musicians appearing on the album. The track “Banished From My Kingdom” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 25th January, followed by “Evil Enough” on 1st March and “Unbreakable” on 15th March.


The press release doesn’t give much specifics about what Tara has worked on before – a google search led me to some guitar solos for Belgian band Beyond The Labyrinth on their album “The Art of Resillience”. What is clear though is that she is a multi-instrumentalist who was, at least initially, self-taught and that she has been evolving her song writing skills from an early age. Over the years she has studied guitar with Steve Vai, drums with Chad Smith and keyboards with Derek Sherinian to hone her skills further. The fact that all ten tracks (which includes four instrumentals) on the album are written by her and that she provides all of the lead vocals and much of the guitar playing is evidence of how far she has come.

There are a many guests appearing on “Evil Enough” including Vinny Appice and Glen Sobel on drums , Phil Soussan and Björn Englen on bass, Tony MacAlpine on keyboards and Mark Boals on vocals. The album was produced by Brent Woods who also provided synthesizers and background vocals.

Check out the website at https://taralynch.com/


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