“(But At What Cost??!)” is the third album from American band Silvertung and it was released on 15th February by Thermal Entertainment. There are just seven tracks and at about 25 minutes long it may be close to being an EP, but it is definitely worth checking out. I included the single “Done My Best” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 1st February and the track “Dodging Bullets” on the Show on 22nd February.




Silvertung formed in Baltimore and released their debut album “The Devil’s in the Detail” in 2013. That was followed by an EP called “Never Too Late” in 2015 and the album “Out of the Box” in 2016. The following year they released a six track EP (album?) called “Lighten Up” which features acoustic versions of some of their earlier tracks. They’ve had a number of singles hit the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart and have gigged relentlessly to get established.


Silvertung are singer / guitarist Speed, lead guitarist Codey, bass player Sam Sour and drummer Danno. You can find out more at https://www.facebook.com/Silvertungband/ or https://www.silvertung.com/


The band are looked after by Doug Weber (one of the first American contacts Rock Radio NI made many years ago) and Thermal Entertainment, one of the smaller labels, but they handle some top-class bands - https://thermalent.com/. Silvertung can now be included in the list of great bands that they’ve brought to our attention!

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