“Dysphoria” is the third album from the band Starbreaker and it was released via Frontiers Music on 25th January. The band features American vocalist Tony Harnell, probably best known for his time with Norwegian band TNT, and Swedish guitarist Magnus Karlsson, probably best known as a member of Primal Fear. In reality, both have been involved in numerous bands and guested on many other projects. Starbreaker definitely showcases the partnership of two top class artists. The track “Wild Butterflies” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 8th February.




Tony Harnell joined TNT in 1984 and fronted the band until 2006 (he subsequently rejoined for short periods in 2013 and 2016). During his time in TNT he had a number of side-projects and Starbreaker initially was one of these. The band’s self-titled debut album was released in 2005 and a second album entitled “Love’s Dying Wish” followed in 2008 after his departure from TNT.


Partnering Harnell on all three Starbreaker albums has been Magnus Karlsson. In 2005 he was a session guitarist for Frontiers and worked with Harnell on the first album along with drummer John Macaluso and bass player Fabrizio Grossi. During 2007 he collaborated with Harnell on writing the tracks for the second album and by the time that this was released he had also worked on other projects including the Allen/Lande albums. He joined Primal Fear in March 2008 and remains part of that band. The second Starbreaker album also featured bass player Jonni Lightfoot along with drummer Macaluso.

After departing TNT again in 2017, Harnell stated working with Karlsson on the latest release. They teamed up again with Lightfoot and brought in drummer Anders Köllerfors. The album was produced by Harnell and Karlsson and includes a cover of the Judas Priest track “Starbreaker”.

The band have a Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/starbreakerofficial/



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