“View to a Thrill” is the latest solo album from Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy and it was released on 9th November via Frontiers Music. The first four solo albums, released between 2002 and 2008, came out when Pearcy was no longer a part of Ratt, however “View to a Thrill” is released at a time when Pearcy is back touring with a new Ratt line-up. The single “I’m A Ratt” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 31st August, followed by “U Only Live Twice” on the Show on 19th October.





Stephen Pearcy is obviously best known as the founder of Ratt (initially Mickey Ratt) which he fronted from 1976-1992, 1996-2000, 2006-2014 and 2016 to present. As well as his solo albums, he has also released a few albums under other names and has written or recorded tracks for movies, TV and sports shows.


Unfortunately, much of the press focus on Pearcy recently has been on a number of poor live performances with Ratt – blamed on mixing alcohol with pain killers being taken for a knee that he is due to have surgery on. The release of “View to a Thrill” at least offers the opportunity for more positive commentary. Pearcy delivers a great vocal performance in his own distinctive style whilst guitarist Erik Ferentinos gets plenty of opportunity to shine too! Joining Pearcy and Ferentinos are bass player Matt Thorne and drummer Scot Coogan.


Check out the Stephen Pearcy website at https://officialstephenpearcy.com/home


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