“Resilient Heart” is the new solo album from American vocalist David Reece and it was released on 9th November by Mighty Music. Reece is best known for having fronted the bands Accept, Bangalore Choir and Bonfire at various times and has been involved in numerous projects since the late 80’s. This is his first solo album in five years. The track “Any Time At All” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 7th September followed by “A Perfect Apocalypse” on 12th October.


David Reece first came to prominence when he took over on lead vocals for Accept on the album “Eat The Heat” in 1989. That proved to be a short-lived relationship and he went on to form his own band Bangalore Choir, releasing a debut album in 1992, as well as fronting bands such as Sircle of Silence and Stream. His first solo album, “Universal Language” was released in 2009 and he collaborated with Martin Kronberg from Gypsy Rose for an album called “Solid” in 2011. His second solo album “Compromise” followed in 2013 and there were also releases with Tango Down, EZ Livin’, Wicked Sensation, Bonfire and Sainted Sinners.


Whilst looking for a record company to record his latest solo album, Mike Tramps suggested he team up with Mighty Music, and that led to him work with Danish team Marco Angioni and Martin Jepsen Andersen for writing and production.


Playing with Reece on the album are guitarists Marco Angioni and Martin J Andersen, bass player Frederick Burkert and drummer Sigurd J. Jensen.


You can find David Reece on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/David-Reece-Official-712460068855429/ as well as the band - https://www.facebook.com/REECE.INC/

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